Luscious Lips: Tom Ford – Bruised Plum (27)

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lipstick

Tom Ford Bruised Plum

Tom Ford’s beauty line took many people by surprise.  Partly because of the price (it aint cheap) but also because it is so good. The range is unashamedly glamorous and sexy and season after season provides lust worthy colours and textures.   A Tom Ford lippie has been on my beauty radar for some time.  The colour that I wanted was Black Orchid.  The iconic super dark burgundy red from the range. Sadly, she who hesitates is lost and the colour has now been discontinued.  Tom Ford consultants tried to ease my disappointment by telling me that many people found that Black Orchid did not apply evenly and that the colour was not easy to wear but it did not help.  I was not happy.

Tom Ford Bruised Plum with box

What did help was to buy a different colour lipstick and I was advised that Bruised Plum was similar but better/different.

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lip colour

The packaging is opulent, deep mahogany brown with a gold accent.  The mechanism to move the bullet is super smooth.  The bullet has a slight  lipstick smell with an overtone of vanilla. On the lips the fragrance is not apparent at all.

Tom Ford Bruised Plum lipstick

Before I even put this product to my lips, I am impressed.  The ingredients are listed in full on the box.  Yes.  Really.  The main ingredient is caster seed oil.  Lots and lots of lots of lipsticks and lipglosses are mineral oil / petroleum based so this caster oil /lanolin / candellia wax  is impressive.

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lipstick with Lid

The first time I used it was hard for me – the TF is embossed right where you apply it to your lips…. but then I got over myself and used it.  I had had the colour applied to my lips at the counter before purchase so I knew how gorgeoud it was going to be on the lips.

Tom Ford Bruised Plum Lipstick logo

This is a smile to yourself when you apply it colour.  A reddened plum, it applies very very smoothly.  The finish is a demi-matte/semi-matte.  It has a sheen but is not shiny.  Wear time is pretty good at four to five hours if you don’t eat and it leaves a beautiful stain on the lips as it wears.  It does not need a liner but I am looking for one that is an exact match – interestingly, the range does not include liners.  This colour is sexy and glamorous on your own terms.  As passionate as a red and as easy to wear as a nude, this is confidence in a tube. If you believe in the transformative power of make up in general and lipstick in particular, from the packaging to the colour – this is a great option.  Bruised Plum is my Valentine’s Day pick for 2014.  Enjoy!


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