Luscious Lips: Orange lips featuring OCC and MAC

OCC Beta and MAC So Chaud swatches

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Another orange lip today! OCC lip tars are iconic.  They are probably the first liquid lipstick formula that I became aware of and they are note worthy not only for the level of pigmentation in the product and the  finish on the lips but also the range of colours that are available  The application however is a little trickier then with a lipgloss tube type format.

So Chaud MAC

Lip tars are super pigmented so a tiny amount goes a very long way.  They are supplied with a tiny brush, which at first glance you may want to dismiss but actually it helps to remind you to apply a small amount.  I find that when I use one of my other lip brushes which are larger, I tend to use more product.  Starting in the middle of the lip, using the brush spread the colour across the lips.

MAC So Chaud

Beta is described by OCC as a true orange.  It is.  It’s the perfect balance of red and yellow and sits on my skintone beautifully and surprisingly is quite muted. OCC lip tars require perfectly prepped lips and I am a person that suffers with chapped lips a lot so I often use this lip tar as a base for MAC’s So Chaud. MAC So Chaud Bullet

When orange lippies had a resurgence a few years back MAC brought out a few colours and many people headed straight for Morange…I however prefer the slightly redder tone of So Chaud.  It is a bright statement colour which I love and the slightly redder tone sits very well with my complexion and as you can see from the picture – I wear it a lot!  So Chaud is a matte formulation but not as dry as Ruby Woo so it is much easier to apply and wear.  So Chaud has pretty good longevity, even over the lip tar and the final effect is bright but in my opinion wearable. I’ve posted some pictures of me wearing it on Instagram – let me know what you think.

OCC Beta and MAC So Chaud swatches




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