Luscious Lips: MAC Plum Lip Pencil

MAC Plum Lipliner

MAC Plum Lip Liner

In my purple obsessed universe, purple is a neutral colour that goes with everything and can be worn with everything.  Therefore one of my favourite ‘nude’ lip liners is MAC’s Plum lip pencil.

MAC Plum Lip Liner (3)

It is not, in my opinion the shade of any plum that I have ever picked up from the supermarket or eaten.  On me it is a muted shade, the tone is very close to my complexion.  The fact the the tone sits close to my complexion is the reason that it is the perfect lip liner for me.

MAC Plum Lipliner

It is the perfect colour under any ‘not quite right lippies’, and I keep it in my make up bag and often wear it on it’s own.  I am sure that I could get a similar effect from a brown lip pencil, but why would I when Plum is available!


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