Luscious Lips: By Terry Rouge Terrybly Carnal Attraction (404)

By Terry Carnal Attraction

I chose this By Terry lipstick for the colour – having swatched it in Harrods.  I knew I liked it a lot but there was an unexpected squeal when I got it home and took it out of the packaging as this was my first lipstick with MAGNETIC case.  Yes magnetic.  Rather then clicking the lid onto the bullet holder, you just hold them together and magnetic forces draw them together with sufficient force to make an audible click.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly box

I love lipstick and as much as I love to see gorgeous colour in a bullet, I love to see great packaging.  There are lots of things that make packaging special, it can be the colour or the materials used or the shape or the texture or it can be something novel as with this By Terry magnetic closure lippie. The packaging is in a high sheen silver coloured metal with By Terry embossed on the top of the lid and along the length of the lipstick which I feel is a nice touch.

By Terry 404 Carnal Attraction

Some of the ingredients from the By Terry skincare range are also in this lipstick which claims to be volumising firming and anti ageing (ceramides, hyaluronic acid, .  I cannot attest to any of these claims but I did not buy it for the skincare benefits and I have not seen a firming effect on my lips after wearing it.

By Terry Carnal Attraction Bullet


The texture of this lipstick is truly glorious.  It glides across the skin so smoothly and has a beautiful satin finish.  It is not the moisturising finish of some of my drug store lippies, satin is the right word.  I love to wear this colour blotted down and I often warm it on the back of my hands and wear it on my cheeks which I would not do with every lippie in this family of deep red.  This colour is easier to wear then a true red and has pretty good staying power for a lippie with a satin finish.

By Terry Insignia

Despite the terrible name of the range (Rouge Terrybly – why?) this is a great lipstick.  If you are a fan of quality lipsticks, this is definitely worth the visit to Space NK or Harrods.

Carnal Attraction By Terry


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