Luscious Lips: Sephora Cream Lip Stains

Sephora Lip Creams Dark Berry and Endless Purple Swatch

It is hard to believe that I have already been back from Istanbul for a month – this year is really flying!  Anyway, one of the highlights of my trip was S E P H O R A.

Sephora Lip Creams Dark Berry and Endless Purple

As we are not blessed with Sephora in the UK, I had to pick up a couple of things.  the Sephora Cream Lip Stains have had universally positive reviews.  I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks so I bought two.

Sephora Lip Cream Endless Purple 04

Before I get into the colours, a quick overview of the packaging and the formula.  The lip stains come in a standard lip gloss tube, with Sephora emblazoned across black lid.  They come with a doe foot applicator (hurrah) which picks up quite a lot of product.  The formula is thinner then the Hourglass and Lancôme and it dries to a slightly drier texture but other then that the formulas are pretty comparable.  They are perfumed, with a slightly burnt vanilla / butterscotch perfume.  For me it is noticeable as it is not my favourite scent but it is not overpowering.

Endless Purple Sephora Lip Cream

The colours that I bought are Endless Purple, (04) which is matte and Dark Berry (07) which is described as a satin finish but has shimmer in it.

Sephora Lip Cream Dark Berry 07

Endless Purple is actually quite a muted mauve colour which irritated me slightly as I just wish that brands would name products the colour that they are.  Purple and mauve are not the same colour!!! (rant over – apologies). When I first applied this colour I was slightly concerned.  It looked like it was not going to suit me and I would have to wear it with a lipstick over the top but as the colour dries down, the colour improves markedly.  On me it is quite a pink mauve but Empress from Hourglass is pinker.

Dark Berry Sephora Lip Cream

Dark Berry is lurvely.  Surprisingly it is my favourite of the two shades.  It is a deep purplely/burgundy with gold iridescence and the colour in the tube is true to the colour on the lips.  It gives drama without the hard work because it is so easy to apply.

Sephora Lip Cream Swatches Endless Purple and Dark Berry

In terms of wear, these are pretty good. Main meals destroyed them, but they survived tea and scones and biscuits with no problem.  If you love a long lasting lip colour and you have access to a Sephora, I would really recommend these. (more swatches on Instagram)




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