Luscious Lips: MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #15 (Pearly Violet)


It’s the last day in February so I had to end this month’s focus on lip colours with P U R P L E ! ! ! ! !323

I am a huge fan of Make Up For Ever (MUFE) and they are a brand that do purple very very well so it is no surprise if you are purple obsessed like I am that this lippie is part of my collection.

MUFE #15 box

The Rouge Artist Intense range is the pigmented range but this purple is not a matte colour.  MUFE describe it as Pearly Violet and the iridescence is beautiful and does not take away from the powerful purple punch.

MUFE #15

The packaging is sleek black (but it really attracts fingerprints).  I love the fact that the ingredients are listed on the outer cardboard packaging.  The plastic packaging has the MUFE logo on the lid and the colour and number of the lippie is clearly marked on the base of the lippie.  With advancing age and failing eyesight, this is a really welcome addition.  The mechanism to raise the bullet is really really smooth as well.  The bullet is not perfumed but there what I describe as a lipstick smell, which is really hard to describe but is a smell that many lipsticks have.

MUFE #15 bullet base

So the colour.  This is a squeal worthy lippie. Purple (not pink or blue or plum or mauve) with iridescence, (not glitter) that catches the light beautifully.  Despite the high level of pigmentation, I find that I need to pack it onto my lips, especially my bottom lip which is two different colours.  I sometimes use my favourite Plum lip liner ,but I usually apply it directly to the lips.

MUFE #15 bullet

The texture is stiffer then you might expect from the finish.  It is similar to Illamasqua’s ESP in texture – not as stiff as Melt’s Starlight.  Once on the lips is not drying, and it has good staying power.  If you love purple and matte textures are not your thing, this is one to consider.  Also because of the iridescence, it makes it a good option if you usually wear a gloss over your lippie.  LOVE THIS COLOUR!

MUFE #15 Swatch WoC



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