Photopost: WOW London 2014

WOW 2014

WOW 2014

The Women of the World  (WOW) Festival took place last week at the Southbank Centre in London.  Tickets sold out fast but I managed to get a three day pass.  There were so many excellent events taking place that as much as I feel that I made the most of my time at the Southbank, there is a huge amount that I missed.  Fortunately, each event was videoed and it is possible to view the sessions on YouTube.

Royal Festival Hall (2)

Put WOW in your diary for  2015 –  not only because it is the fifth anniversary and there will be some exciting events in store but also because it provides a femalecentric space to discuss issues the wide range of issues and challenges that affect us all.  There was a lot of information and inspiration  on each day but I was able to take away a single theme from each day.


Friday 7th March, The Squeezed Middle, Speed Mentoring

On Friday I learnt that importance of language in redressing gender imbalance in external environments  and .for each woman personally to reframe her language from I cant to I will.

The Squeezed Middle

The Squeezed Middle (2)

Maxine Peake

Maxine Peake

Saturday 8th: The Politics of Afro Hair, Being Mixed Race, Feminism and Privilege

Saturday taught me the importance of not allowing our community to perpetuate stereotypes about ourselves.

The Politics of Afro Hair panel was chaired by Hannah Pool.

Politics of Afro HairTop: Crystal of Crystal Afro and Natalie from Beauty Pulse London Bottom: Angel from Natural Hair Lounge and Sandie, Chief Legal Counsel from HSBCPolitics of Afro Hair (3) Politics of Afro Hair (2)


Being Mixed Race chair Emma Dabiri with panelistsBeing Mixed Race Being Mixed Race (2)

Feminism and Privilege chaired by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown with panellists including Nan Sloane, Reni Eddo-Lodge and Eleanor Lisney

Feminist Privalege Feminist Privalege (2)

Sunday 9th: Newspaper Review, Vivienne Westwood in conversation with Shami Chakrabarti and The New Black.

Newspaper review featuring Jude Kelly, Doreen Lawrence and Shami ChakrabartiSunday Papers (2)

Dame Vivienne and Shami talked about fashion, the banking industry and climate change

Shami Chakrabati Shami Chakrabati and Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westward

The New Black – Black woman in the media featuring Hannah Riaz and Ikamara Larasi on the panel.

The New Black The New Black (3)

Marketplace – a range of vendors from knickers to manicures 

Marketplace (10) Marketplace (9) Marketplace (8)

Marketplace (2)

Marketplace (4) Marketplace (3) Marketplace (2)


Tirivamwe sources fabrics which are made into clothing and earrings by a collective of women that includes her mother.

Marketplace (11) Marketplace (10) Marketplace (9) Marketplace (8)


Nail designs depicting people of influence.


Nail Wraps

Woman in Conservation use the Tagua palm nut to create beautiful jewellery.

Marketplace (6)

Marketplace (7)

Marketplace (9) Marketplace (8)

Marketplace (7)

These lovely ladies rune Yorubatik and Sapelle.  They met through WOW and shared a market space over the weekend.  I love the way that they supported each other throughout the event and bought beautiful jewellery from both of them!

Batik clothes and jewellery from Yorubatik

Marketplace (4) Marketplace (3)

Jewellery from Sapelle

Marketplace (6)

Exhibition: JD Okhai Ojeikere Hairstyles and Headdresses.  Photographs showing iconic hairstyles and headdresses from seventies Nigeria.

JD Okhai Ojeikere JD Okhai Ojeikere (2)

Food Market: Everything I tasted was delicious.

Food Market (7) Food Market (6) Food Market (5)

Food Market (4) Food Market (3) Food Market (2)

Food Market



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