Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage


Sometimes when I buy a product I use it straight away, but this Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage was in my beauty cupboard for about a year before I brought it into daily use.


Secret Camouflage is a cult product.  Loved by pro make up artists and award-winning, this concealer  is nearly six grams of product which is a whopper by concealer standards.


The concealer comes in eight shades.  I have SC-08 which is the darkest shade. The lighter colour works for the middle of my face and I mix differing amounts of the darker colour to create an exact match to my skintone around the perimeter of my face.


I became slightly obsessed with this product once I discovered how to use it and now that I do – I wear it a lot, especially as we are heading into spring and summer. Swatch Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

Many concealers that I have used previously have had a buttery texture which I liked.  Secret Camouflage however has a much tighter texture so application straight from the pan can be problematic.  The key to application for me is my Louise Young LY16 brush.  LY16 is an a natural bristle (sable) eyeshadow brush, however, the bristles are short and dense.  It is generally considered that natural fibre bristle are better with powder than cream products and I do have small synthetic hair brushes which are great… but this brush is better. It works for me.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage SC 08 Swatch

As I say, the texture of Secret Camouflage is tight so it needs to be warmed up before it is applied.  If you put your brush into the pan, you do not pick up lots of product.  I like to using the tail end of my LY16 pick up some product and put it on the back of my hand (you could use a spatula).  I then warm up the product with my brush until it is creamy but not quite buttery.  I then apply it to the skin.  I have lots of scars from spots.  Every time I get a spot, I get a black scar on my skin and depending on which regime I am using, it will take three to six months for the scars to fade.  I also have a bit of uneven pigmentation so I take my time and dot the product over the areas that I need.  Now then – this is a concealer that I would recommend that you take your time with. If you don’t have time to faff around with concealer – go to a stick foundation as it is quicker and you can build it up. However, if you want to use a BB/CC cream or a tinted moisturiser or as I like to do use a light dusting of (NARS) powder foundation  or setting powder this is brilliant.   I have fallen out of love with liquid foundation at the moment (I am sure will change)  but when I do use it, I apply Secret Camouflage afterwards not before.

LY16 brush and Laura Mercier SC 08

This product needs to be set with powder and because my scaring is concentrated around my chin and jaw, I just use a heavier application around that area and then go over the rest of my face with the residue that is on the brush.  Once it is on the skin and set it does not budge.

This product is not meant for under the eyes, but I use it under my eyes because I currently don’t have fine lines under my eyes.  I make sure that I add a touch of moisturiser to the concealer to get a more buttery texture and I make sure that I set it.  It provides an even skin tone without giving a super highlighted look which is great for a natural make up.  Love it.  Should have brought it out of my beauty cupboard sooner!


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