Girlactik Beauty: Waterproof Eye Glaze (Fierce)

Girlactik Fierce Waterproof Eye Glaze

As much as Beauty Boxes frustrate me, (yes you Wantable) when you get a good box it is a great way to find brands that you would otherwise never have access to.  Girlactik Beauty is a range that I would not have come across in London but I am really glad that I discovered it.

Girlactik Waterproof Eye Glaze in Fierce

The founder Galit Strugano is a make up artist who in the year two thousand decided to create her own glitter line because of the frustrations she had with the quality of products that she was using on her clients.  Fast forward nearly 15 years and there is a whole range of products…which as a Londoner, I don’t have access to as they are not stocked or retailed in the UK.

Fierce Girlactik Waterproof Eye Glaze

An eye glaze is an unusual description of what is in effect a cream eyeshadow but it it an accurate one.  The Eye Glaze has an intense shimmer effect.  Similar to what you would get if you added water to a  mineral eyeshadow… but without the faff of adding the water.  It is applied with a hoof applicator (as you would find in a lipgloss) which is lovely because you can apply it close to the lashline or across the lid with ease.

Girlactik Fierce Waterproof Eye Glaze

It applies a thin layer to the lid which can be used as a wash of colour or a base for other shadows.  I like to apply it to the lid and then blend out the edges either with a brush or my fingers.  I also find that if you work quickly with a thin brush, you can apply it like an eyeliner.


The colour is a beautiful reddend brown.  Very brown girl friendly as it is a deep almost neutral shade and it would make a great base for a smoky eye on lighter complexions.  When I first looked at the product I though that the colour would be similar to the Constructivist Paint Pot from MAC but actually Constructivist is much more golden.

MAC Paint Pot in Constructivist vs Girlactik Fierce Water Proof Eye Glaze

The best thing about this product is that it does not crease.  At all. You can wear it all day and thirteen hours later, the colour is still there.  Great product.

If you are in America,Hong Kong, Canada, Dubai, Mexico and South Africa – enjoy.  If you are in Europe, try and find someone overseas who will send this product to you!



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