Lord and Berry: Luxury Eyeliner #901

Lord and Berry is a brand that has been on my radar for a good few years and one of the reasons that I like them is that they know what they do best.  Self defined as a lips and eyes brand (although they do other products) if you are looking for the perfect shade or perfect texture, it is likely that Lord and Berry will have it.

Lord and Berry Luxury Eyeliner

The company which started in 1992 has built a solid reputation over the years for innovation and trend setting. One of the reasons that I like the brand so much is because of their wide selection of black eyeliners.  This essential and iconic part of your make up kit is often much neglected for the sexier / more impactful mascara but there is nothing like a good black eyeliner to bring your look together.  The Luxury Liner is part of the Wardrobe Collection which contains eleven black eyeliners, (yes eleven) two eyeshadows, three mascaras a lip pencil and a lipstick.  Inspired by Coco Chanel’s little black dress, the collection caters for a range of looks focusing on eyeliner.

Lord and Berry Luxury Eyeliner

The luxury liner has an amazing formula.  Blackest black shade in a mechanical pencil format that comes with a small sharpener which is housed at the bottom of the unit.  The eyeliner can be used to define the eye in a graphic line or smudged for a smokey look and the texture, whilst it is not a gel is very soft and can be blended with a finger or a brush.  The formula is smudge and water resistant so hayfever eyes are not a problem with this product even in the waterline.

Lord and Berry Luxury Eyeliner

I tend not to use the sharpener as I use a liquid liner for graphic /feline liner but has a base for other shadows or to create an edgy smoky eye, the slightly rounded nib is perfect.

Lord and Berry Luxury Eyeliner (4)

If you love black eyeliner as much as I do, Lord and Berry is definitely a brand that you need to get to know.





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