Spiezia: Floral Skin Toner

Spiezia Floral Skin Toner

Spiezia Floral toner


Spiezia Floral Skin toner

British skincare brand Spiezia have been making small batches of beautiful organic products for nearly fifteen years. Over the years the number of products in the range has grown but the commitment to organic, sustainable active skincare has remained.  Products are sourced and made in Cornwall.

Spiezia Floral Skin Toner

When I have dipped into this range previously it has always been the body products and specifically the body scrubs (divine) but today is all about the Floral Skin Toner.  If you read my blog regularly you will know that my favourite toners have a serum texture but that is not to say that there is no room in my regime for a floral water, after using an exfoliating pad, or after using a face mask.

Spiezia Floral Skin Toner

The packaging is gorgeous and sustainable.  Once the corrugated cardboard has been removed, it reveals a beautiful pink bottle and aluminium lid all of which can be recycled.  The brand name and details of the product are stamped onto the glass rather than it being on a transfer or label which I also really appreciate.  I also love the fact that the expiry date is on the bottom of the bottle.  Spiezia are not a brand to stockpile as they don’t add preservatives the formulas.  Remove the lid and inhale – the lavender flower water that has been blended with chamomile and sage waters oils to create a completely organic low energy product.  Lavender is renowned for its balancing qualities and so this product is a great option for combination skin as it does not leave the skin taut or tight.  It can be decanted if you prefer to spritz but there is something very lovely about pink glassware in an all white bathroom!


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