Kelly Brook vs Golden Rose: Battle of the Mascara’s Part #1

Kelly Brook and Golden Rose Mascara

If you have friends that share your make up addiction, you may find that you can agree on the best texture of an eyeshadow or the level of pigmentation in a blusher, but a mascara can divide opinion like no other product.  Between the volumising, and lengthening effects, the wet or dry formula and the wand, there are literally thousands of variables that make a great product so when I came across two products in my collection that from the outside looked pretty similar  – it was time to make some direct comparisons.

Kelly Brook for New Look mascara versus Golden Rose Infinity Lash


Kelly Brook and Golden Rose Mascara


Kelly Brook’s mascara is housed in a metallic copper tone, wide and bulky tube which showed wear and tear after a few uses.  The Golden Rose Infinity lash is is a metallic magenta tube which  is slightly thinner then the Kelly Brook but still pretty wide.  As much as I am a fan of Maybelline Falsies which also has this fat tube shape, they are not my preference.  Between these too through, I prefer the Golden Rose packaging and the colour – one nil to Golden Rose.

Kelly Brook and Golden Rose Mascara


The Golden Rose Formula is quite dry and it dries quite quickly.  The formula is black but not blackest black and there is a subtle sharp fragrance.  This is a fibre formula and occasionally I do get a fibre in the eye.  The Kelly Brook mascara has a much wetter formula, it takes longer to dry so if you building up layers of lashes it has a greater tendency to clump –  but the level of pigmentation is much higher than the Golden Rose, this is a really black formula.

Kelly brook trumps Golden rose on formula.

Kelly Brook Mascara


Golden Rose has a tapered brush with bristles that are quite long.  It is easy to get into the roof of the lash without making too much mess on your eyelids.  Kelly Brook has a very fat wand with short plastic bristles.  This is not a great wand.  The big fat wand means that on my short lashes, the Kelly Brook wand gets onto my eyelid unless I am extremely careful.  I have to take my time in the mirror.  The Gold Rose is easier to use.  Although the bristles are long, the brush is not as big in diameter as the Kelly Brook so it is easier to manipulate on my short lashes.  This round goes to Golden Rose.

Golden Rose Mascara

Effect on the Lashes

The Golden Rose give me more length than volume which I am happy with as I am all about the false lash look.  The Kelly Brook is much more volumising but it does give some length.  The difference is small and to be honest neither of them is my holy grail mascara but if I was going to repurchase either of them it would be the Golden Rose.


The Kelly Brook mascara is easier to get hold of if you are UK based (Golden Rose is a Turkish Brand readily available in Europe and the states) and is cheaper (£3.99 vs eight euros) but overall Golden Rose Wins.


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