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#MakegoodThere were a great array of food related products at #Makegood and of course I had to sample the different ranges.  It was alot of fun!  Here are some of the brands that were there:-

Dhaba LaneDhaba LaneDhaba Lane

Dhaba Lane

Dhaba Lane provided delicious chaat and an amazing Mango Lassi across the four days.  This mobile catering company does a range of cuisines including Mexican and specialise in streetfood. (www.dhabalane.com)


H & RH Escargot

In fairness – I did not sample any snails, but they were very cute (yes, I said cute!) so I had to include them! H and RH Escargot are a mother and daughter snail farm in Kent that supply restaurants and gastropubs up and down the country.  (www.snailfarm.org.uk)


Lady Tesla's Loose Leaves N Mud

Lady Tesla Loose Leaves N Mud is a tea shop in Margate where loose tea is sold traditionally by the gorgeous Rox.  This lady knows how to make a decent brew and if you are ever in Margate you definitely need to go and see her. (www.looseleavesnmud.com).

Cake Me Baby

How AMAZING is this cake. Seriously.  Amazing.  The Cake Me Baby team are super talented – if you need a bespoke cake, you definitely need to check them out. (www.cakemebaby.co.uk)





The stand that I ate the most of was definitely The Chocolution.  Chocoholic teacher turned Chocolution educator Kieran brings us delicious raw chocolate which give you the serotonin hit without the high sugar and dairy content of commercial brands.  Chocolution tours and chocolate making kits are just part of the offer from this total chocolate experience brand.  What this brand does not know about chocolate really is not worth knowing and I can tell you from experience that the chocolate was delicious.


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