Film Review: Maleficent

Disney Maleficent Poster

My fifty word review with no spoilers


Disney Maleficent Poster

Maleficent’s back story starts with her as a young fairy leading to  Sleeping Beauty’s (Fanning’s) curse and the aftermath.  Great vehicle for Angelina Jolie’s delicious, slightly overdramatic performance.  Fanning is pretty but bland and Sharlto Copley’s terrible Scottish accent is irritating but  this is an enjoyable film. Watch it.

  • natclue

    Happy Blog birthday Jo!! May you enjoy many more years of blogging success!!

    • Jo

      Thank you Nat



  • Lidia S

    I love Angelina Jolie . I haven’t watched the movie yet but I do love dramatic , exaggerated movies like this . I will honestly watch this to see her ( lol) ! Thanks for the heads up though

    • Jo

      Hi Lidia

      I am still upset that her lipstick is red rather then purple but you will definitely enjoy the film!




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