#cleanseaholic: Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil

Antonia Burrell cleansing oil box

There are some products that you like from first use, and as you continue to use them, like turns into love.  There are others that you stay at like not love, and there are some products that you just don’t get on with.  Antonia Burrell’s Natural Glow Cleansing Oil was love at first use.

Antonia Burrell cleansing oil box

I love everything about this product.   I love the fact that this amazing oil  housed in violet glass. I know – the bottle looks black to but I happen to know that it is violet to prevent the denaturation of the product inside.

Antonia Burrell cleansing oil box

I love the fragrance of the product – at first whif you smell the lavender, it  really comes through and the camphor adds to the intensity but as you continue to inhale the citrus element (lemon peel oil and sweet orange oil) come through.  The blend of lavender and citrus make it a pleasure to use morning and evening as it is not too relaxing and not too stimulating.

Antonia Burrell cleansing oil box

The instructions say to use eight pumps, but my face is round like a plate so I used ten.  In addition I love the product so I use it from my hairline to my collar bone. I warm the products in my hands, inhale and massage.  In the mornings, I massage it and then jump into the shower as it is soluble in water.   In the evenings, I remove my make up with a micellair and then spend between five and twenty minutes massaging it into the skin.  This product can be used to remove make up but this has amazing skin loving ingredients so I would rather use them on my skin then to remove make up.  It can be used to remove eye make up  too and it does work on stubborn mascara but again, I prefer to use an eye make up remover and then go in with the cleansing oil.

Antonia Burrell cleansing oil

The cleansing oil has quite a thick texture and whilst it does warm on the skin, it is not as loose as other cleansing oils that I have tried which I  like as I am a fan of balms and thicker textures.  In the evenings when I am doing a longer facial massage, the oil continues to have enough slip for me to be able to get into all the nooks and crannies on my face.


What I like most about this product is the effect on my skin.  My skin is super clean without being squeaky clean, after removing with a flannel I am always surprised at how my skin looks clarified and clear – it definitely provides a glow, but my favourite aspect of this is that it has a slight re-texturising effect.  I notice this just my eyes and under my bottom lip which is where I get some congestion and this product visibly reduces the appearance.It really does make cleansing  a real pleasure – as much as I love wearing a full face of slap, I also love cleansing my face in the evening.  If you are a #cleanseaholic – you have to try this oil.


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