#newlaunch Weleda Rose Milk Bath

Weleda Rose Milk Bath

One of the items I was gifted from Weleda when I visited their HQ was the Rose Milk Bath.  It is currently available in continental Europe, but is not launching until August in the UK.  I love milk baths and I love the Weleda range but my heart sank a little. Not that I was not grateful, because I was … but rose is not my favourite fragrance.

Weleda Rose Milk Bath

I took my first bath with trepidation.  I was really tired and a relaxing bath was exactly what I needed.  I wanted to give it a fair trail but … it’s rose.  We were advised on the day not to add the milk bath to running water but to wait until you stopped running the bath to gain the greatest aromatherapy benefits from the rose absolute.

Weleda Rose Milk Bath

I added three cupfuls to my bath, swished the water and then got in.  After twenty minutes, I was still there.  The rose scent is not overpowering, it is not as strong in the bath as it is in the bottle.  In addition, it is not a synthetic rose fragrance, it is like putting your nose into a rose bush.  The second night I used the Rose Milk Bath I was feeling a bit more confident I added  four capfuls, the scent was stronger, and started to be a bit overpowering for me, so I brought in my Neom candle, which has a violet chamomile and cedarwood blend.  I instantly felt more comfortble – the rose blended beautiful but was not overpowered by the candle.

It had a softening effect on London’s very hard water but I did need to apply a body oil to the skin.  If you love the rose fragrance, and have a pretty full bath, I would say 4 – 5 capfuls is about right.  If like me, rose is not your fragrance, I would blend it – perhaps with the lavender milk bath or stick to 3 capfuls.  It leaves the skin very subtley scented without being over powering and you can layer other fragranced products over the top.


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