#foodie: Yu Fruit Snacks

Yu Just Fruit Chews

I am a sugar addict.  Try as I might to give up the white stuff I find it really really hard.  Refined sugar is everywhere and I can sniff it out at twenty paces.  Despite my lack of resolve to give up the white stuff I am not averse to healthy snacks.

Yu! are a new range of fruit based snacks that I had the opportunity to try last week.

Just Fruit Chews

Yu Just Fruit Chews

The fruit chews are a jelly sweet made from fruit puree and fruit sugars.  A solid jam if you will.  They are incredibly sweet – I was mistaken when I first tried them into putting four in my mouth at one time.  Wowzers.  Eating them one at a time though gives you the sweet hit that you want and I found that I could not finish a whole packet in one go.  A whole packet counts as one of your five – a day and each packet is less than ninety calories.  They are available in strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant, blueberry and mango at sixty five pence per pouch.

Yoghurt Coated Fruit Pieces

Yu Yoghurt Coated Fruit Pieces

Raisins, bananas, strawberries, blackcurrants or raspberries covered in yoghurt.  Nom.  Again quite sweet despite the fact that sugar has not been added but I found these less sweet than the fruit chews.  Each packet is approximately 24g  and only forty five pence per pack so it is the perfect for handbag and car snacks.

Yu!is available in the dried fruit snacks / home baking sections of Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and in the healthy snacking aisle in Waitrose.

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