International Beauty Swap #2: Jordana Lipsticks

Jordana lipsticks

This is the third instalment from the #internationalbeautyswap that I took part in with my Instabuddy @2vidasindallas.  You can see my review of the Ulta Nail Polishes here and the LA Girl Lip Glazes here.


Jordana lipsticks
From left to right: black, brown, eggplant, scarlet red, and fiery coral

Today it is Jordana’s turn.  Jordana is another brand that is not the easiest to get hold of in the UK.  Made by the same company who make Milani but this is a more affordable and in my opinion a range targeted at a younger customer.  These lip colours are under two dollars depending where you buy them so if you are a lipstick addict and you find a colour you love, it is definitely worth it.  In terms of ingredients – for a mass market brand, it is pretty impressive, mainly castor seed oil with some beeswax, lanolin and carnauba wax.

Jordana black lipstick

  • Black – this shade is not one of the mattes.  I am a fan of a black lipstick but sadly this one lacks a little in pigment. It takes several swipes to cover my pink bottom lip however it is useful to have in my beauty wardrobe as I can use it to darken other shades that I own.
  • Brown – My search for the perfect nude lip continues and this brown is a good option.  It is one of Jordana’s mattes, but it is not a true matte, it definitely has a slightly moisturising finish.  Love this colour.

Jordana eggplant lipstick

  • Egg Plant – This colour isn’t purple, it is more of a burgandy but a pretty colour nonetheless.  I will definitely be wearing it in the autumn.  Again, not a drying matte finish and much more pigmented then the black shade.
  • Scarlet Red – This lipstick had a  tighter texture then the others which resulted in a more matte finish.  In terms of the shade, I prefer to have more blue in my reds but I did like the shade.  If you are new to reds this would be a good option.

Jordana fiesty coral

  • Fiery coral – This one was the most matte in terms of  texture and it had more pigment then the other shades.  If left your lips stained after application – but – the colour on it’s own just did not suit me.  It looks pink in the bullet and the swatch but on my pigmented lips more of the coral comes through but it is not flattering.

Jordana black, brown, eggplant, fiery red and fiesty coral swatches WoC

The wear on these colours in between one and three hours depending on what you are doing and the texture of the lipstick. Jordana have thirty five shades in their lipstick range and for less then two dollars, if you find a shade that you like, it is a bargain worth seeking out.  For more swatches head to my Instagram page.


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