Elizabeth Arden: Prevage Anti Ageing Triple Defence Shield Sunscreen SPF50

Elizabeth Arden Prevage SPF 50

Prevage SPF 50

Have you ever had one of those days where you enter the beauty hall of a department store slightly weak from hunger and having traipsed up and down the shopping street/mall?  I was having one of those days when I happened upon the Elizabeth Arden counter and was sold a Prevage Anti Ageing Triple Defence Shield Sunscreen on the basis of it being a good primer!  What can I say – I was weak!!

The lovely assistant said ‘Hello madam, can I interest you in our anti ageing primer?’

I don’t really use primers.  Mainly because that silicone texture does not float my boat… which is what I told the lovely sales assistant.  ‘Ahh’ she said, ‘it does not have silicone texture look’ – and I was presented with a thin cream coloured lotion that rubbed into the skin beautifully.  It did not have a silicone texture   Hand its smelt good.

I don’t really use primers.  Mainly because I use cream foundations…. which is what I told the lovely sales assistant.    ‘Ahhh’ she said  – this product is also SPF fifty everyone should use SPF and this is a great one, look’ – and she showed me the PA+++on the tube.  PA is a indicator of UVA protection and the more pluses, the greater the efficacy.  She is of course absolutely correct sun safety is really important and this product has maximum protection. I could not argue with that logic.

At this stage I as about to turn away with a final flourish, because I don’t really use primers, just as I was about to open my mouth to articulate that sentiment, the lovely sales assistant said ‘look at this’ She showed me the brush applicator on the tube,’ oooooh’ I said. ‘ Why don’t you take a seat?’ she said!

Prevage SPF 50

Did  I mention that I was feeling weak?

The Prevage range from Elizabeth Arden contains some great products and interesting ingredients.  Idebenone and Thiotaine are the start anti oxidants in this product. I was able to find more information about thiotaine then idebenone but if you are interested in ingredients – they are worth researching.  Application  is a dream. Twist the nozzle. Squeeze the  tube  a little  bit.  Close the nozzle. Brush the product over your face. The fluid is very liquidy and yellow and very cooling on the face so lovely  in warm weather. The brush is dense but not stiff so you can get under the eyes and round the nose very easily.

Prevage SPF 50

It is a fab SPF.  I like the fluidity and it  can be worked into the skin when the skin is slightly damp from toner (unlike Ultrasun).  It does not leave a white opaque layer on the skin and this is SPF 50 which just goes to show that it can be done.  Of course this product degrades on the skin so it will need to be reapplied if you are going to be sunbathing.  It is actually a pretty good primer….I am not a primer person but liquid foundation  does stay fresh looking on the skin rather than being eaten by my skin during the day.  Great as a base for powder foundation and a real benefit for if you are using Powerball from Timebomb.  It is recommended that a serum or face oil is used over this product (I know I know – counter intuitive) but I have been using this over it.  Sometimes  I use it as a moisturiser directly over my serum. My skin does not like too many actives despite being in the age bracket where skincare companies like to tell me that it does.  For trips to the petrol station or supermarket it is the perfect way to keep my skin hydrated yet protected.

Prevage Triple Defence SPF 50 Swatch

Despite being purchased in a moment of weakness, (it was £65.00) I like this product and have been turning to it more and more .


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