#LFW: New Specs

Miu Miu box

What has #LFW got to do with me getting new specs?  Not alot apart from the fact that the frames (my first designer frames) are from clothing designer Miu Miu, part of the Prada family.

Miu Miu Box
Pretty gold flocked interior

Me getting new specs have more to do with me having had another birthday and getting another year older.  I had left it three years since my last eye test (which is disgraceful) and in that time there was a four step change in my left eye.  This means that I can no longer get away with standard lenses. I now require the thinner (more expensive) lens.  It was a shock.  It was also a big cost but when it comes to your health I don’t believe in scrimping.

Miu Miu spectacles case

I have talked about my large face before, the benefits of having a large face  are:-

a) my face can take ALOT of make up,

b)  most hats suit me  and

c) most spectacle shapes suit me.

So I decided to go for a triangular / cats eye frame, which give me enough depth of frame as well as  being the appropriate width for my face.  The thick black frames have been a feature of my specs since I first started wearing them in my teens.  These frames have gold  and leopard detail on the arms.  The older I get the more I love a bit of leopard print and I love the fact that with my hair up this detail can be seen

Miu Miu spectacles case

I didn’t get my glasses dispensed as the same place that I had my eye test.  Once I got my prescription I searched online for some shapes that I liked and then found the stores that sold the frame so that I could try it on.  The whole process took about a week but it was definitely worth it.  Specs are a real fashion accessory with every from Heston Blumental to Will. I. am having their own ranges.  It is possible to spend huge amount of money on the frames alone let alone the lenses.  My advice is to do your research – there are real discrepancies in prices and styles between branches of the same store and online outlets.  In addition there are always deals to consider.  Buy one get one half price, buy the frames get the lenses for  free etc etc.   My specs are on my face every day.

Miu Miu spectacles
Have to admit, I was a little disappointed that there was no lens cleaning cloth in the case!!

I spend about twelve hours a day on my lap top / tablet so I need specs that not only improve my sight,  are comfortable and look good. They are an extension of my style, a bit like my watch and my signature ring.  They need to go with every outfit and be suitable for every occasion.  I have learnt my lesson – at my age and with families eye health issues, annual eye test are now a necessity for me.

Miu Miu spectacles MU01MV

If you want to see picture of me wearing my new specs – head to my Instagram page


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