#SkincareHero: Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skinfood 75ml

I feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to try many products from the Weleda range but my all time FAVOURITE product without a shadow of a doubt is the skin food.  I have chronicled my very dry skin on the blog very regularly so I am always on the look out for something to keep my crocodile skin at bay.  I am a skincare junkie so I love trying new products and because my skin is so dry I am often disappointed by them because they do not pass the eight hour opaque tights test.  This is the benchmark that I use to determine whether a skincare product really works for me or not.  In the winter, with the cooler temperatures and central heating and thick opaque tights  (which can be drying) if my skin is still moisturised after eight hours, it passes the test.  If  you like light lotions that don’t leave a sheen on the skin – this product is not for you.  If like me you LOVE a thick rich mineral oil free cream – keep reading.

Weleda Skinfood 75ml

Weleda developed the formula for this product in 1926 and the same formula is used to this day.  Skincare brands regularly reformulate their products to for example remove ingredients that are no longer in favour with the consumer eg parabens, to add products that are in vogue with the consumer eg argan oil or to improve the efficacy  or reduce the cost of ingredients.  For a product to have remained unchanged for eighty eight years is very impressive but it also shows how great the original formula was. Packaged in a green metal tube, this is not the best product to have a the bottom of your handbag in my experience bcause the metal can split so a make up bag is necessary.  A tube squeezer for toothpaste or the  L’Occitane Magic Key is the perfect partner to this product because it maximises the amount of product that you get out of hte tube and reduces the risk of the tube splitting from when you push the product down the tube.

Weleda Skinfood 75ml

This is a water based cream but you would never know it from the texture – it is thick and rich.  You have to use effort to squeeze it out of the tube.  I like that.  The oils in Skin Food are sunflower seed oil, and sweet almond oil. As well as glycerine it contains lanolin and beeswax.   My skin is fine with these ingredients but if you are sensitive to any of them steer clear of this product.   Calendula  is prevalent in much of the Weleda range because like rosemary which is also in Skin Food it has anti inflammatory, and anti oxidant properties.  It also has Viola Tricolour commonly known as pansy which contains salicylic acid, chamomile which is calming and soothing.

Skin Food passes the eight hour tights test with ease and is a product that I can use from my neck to my toes either as a general moisturiser or an intensive treatment.  Great on cuticles and as a hand mask, I just love this product and no matter what I am using on my skin I always have one in my beauty cupboard.


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