Lush: Ultrabalm

LUSH Ultrabalm

Yesterday I reviewed Superbalm from LUSH, which the mister loves.  I thought it was just ok but the Lush product that I have been very excited about however, is Ultrabalm.  When I was a child my mum used to carry a jar of Vaseline around with her and any chapped lips, or dry skin that she spotted would be promptly smothered with this product.  Ultrabalm is the modern equivalent.  Lips, cuticles, dry ends on hair, dry hands elbows, body moisturiser, post pedicure – you name it, I’ve used this product on all through areas. It is a do all product – I have event taken off a full face make up with it!

LUSH Ultrabalm

Like Superbalm, it is housed in a metal tin with a screw lid which means that whilst it is bouncing around  in the bottom of my bag, there is no chance of the lid coming off.  A glorious blend of skin loving ingredients (organic jojoba wax,candelilla wax and rose wax).  The rich texture means that you need to warm in in the palm of your hands or on the skin but for my dry skin, I am more then happy to do so.  If you apply it to the body, it passes the eight hour opaque tights test.    The smell is not equivalent to a rose garden – if I did not read that Ultrabalm had rose wax in it I would not know it from the smell.  It smells like it is good for you (ie it does not smell great) and it takes a while for the smell to dissipate on the skin but I don’t care because it is so moisturising.  It is a really great no nonsense product.


Ultrabalm is available from Lush and retails for £8.00


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