Sixty Seconds with…Bodhi and Birch – Jasmine Falls Bath and Shower Therapy

Bodhi and Birch Jasmine Bath and Shower Therapy

Aaaaaand exhale…. every time I take a shower in this product, I exahale.  This shower gel is so good that I had to put it out of reach of the mister cos he uses waaaay too much product.

Bodhi and Birch Jasmine Bath and Shower Therapy

This is the first product that I have used since Bodhi re branded to Bodhi and Birch.  The packaging has been streamlined but thankfully the formula remains as gentle on the skin as when  I blogged about the Pep Noir shower gel and body moisturiser here.  Unlike Pep Noir which smelt better on the mister then on me, this one is definitely mine and not his.  Jasmine, in the wrong hand can be heady, but the Bodhi and Birch team have added ylang ylang,  vetyver, red mandarin and lavender and created a bold yet relaxing blend with a generous helping of sexy. Yes sexy.

Bodhi and Birch Jasmine Bath and Shower Therapy

Jasmine Falls is great before bed as a bubble bath and a glossy magazine but it is also a great way to start a chillaxed weekend.  It leaves the bathroom beautifully scented and forms a great base for any white flower fragrance that you may use.  This is definitely  for women not girls£20.00


Jasmine Falls Bath and Shower Therapy is available from Bodhi and Birch online and retails for £20.00


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  • Mmm sounds like it smells amazing! Love discovering new products.

    • Hi Kathryn

      Bodhi and Birch is a great range with some amazing blends in their products. Definitely worth discovering this range!




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