Gazelli Triple Youth With White Oil Ultimate Firming Serum

Gazelli Ultimate Firming Serum with White OIl

Gazelli Triple Youth With White Oil Ultiamte Firming Serum. Wow.  Longest product name… anyway…I love firming products.  The truth is, I am not yet concerned with wrinkles, but gravity is not my friend and it is a fact that  collagen and elastin production reduces with age.  The brains behind Gazelli are a mother and daughter team from Azerbajahn.  Dr Hamzayeva is a geneticist turned formulator and what sets Gazelli apart from other ranges is the ‘White Oil’.  Based on the Naftalan oil of the region which is considered to be a ‘miracle oil’ .  The healing properties of this oil have been documented through history from the time of Marco Polo to the present day.  There are spas in the region where one can sit in a bath of Naftalan Oil where it is claimed that the anti bacterial and anti inflammatory oil have a positive effect on skin disorders like psoriasis.  Interestingly Naftalan Oil is a form of crude oil which contains a high content (approximately fifty percent) napthalene which is commonly found in moth balls and coal tar products (often used for the treatment of skin disorders)  Dr Hamzayeva has  adapted naftalan oil to maximise the beneficial properties,patented the formula and used it across the whole line.

Gazelli Ultimate Firming Serum with White OIl

This serum is jam packed with skin loving ingredients including:-

  • DMAE ( dimethylaminoethanol) which is found in ranges like Dr Perricone,
  • Hyaluronic acid which is an excellent skin moisturiser,
  • Pomegranate and rosehip hip oil which have skin regeneration properties, as well as
  • Proteins (arginine and lyseine) which are important for collagen synthesis

This is an impressive cocktail of ingredients but f you are trying to avoid silicones (dimethicone) and parabens this product is not for you.

Gazelli Ultimate Firming Serum with White OIl

The packaging lets you know that Gazelli is a luxe brand. The box is white with black and silver writing and the glass bottle is covered with silver and has a pipette.  Who doesn’t love a pipette?  The serum is white pearlescent –  it has a bit of depth to it – it is not watery, it holds it’s shape.  When it dries it is slightly tacky to the touch.  The effect on my skin was that my pores appeared to be less visible and there was a slight tightening effect on the skin after application.  A little goes a long way – a couple of drops will cover my face and neck.  As it dries  down the skin is left ever so slightly tacky.  This is not an instant facelift product so your skin does not feel taut or stretched after use.  I applied my usual moisturiser afterwards and make up as normal.  The instructions say that you can use it once of twice a day.  I have been using it every night and most mornings.

Gazelli Ultimate Firming Serum with White OIl

I like this product but I don’t love it. My skin was hydrated and plumped  and my pores did appear to be slightly smaller after using this product,  I like the range of ingredients in the product except for the White Oil which is the USP of the brand.  I try were possible to avoid using mineral oil on my skin  and I have an inkling that if the White Oil were removed from the formula I would still see the hydration and plumping effect.  If you are not concerned by mineral oil as an ingredient I would say that this range is worth a try as you will see an improvement to the skin. I try to avoid mineral oil and it’s derivatives in my skincare however so this product is not for me.


Gazelli Ultimate Youth Firming Serum  is available from the Gazelli website  and retails for £75.00



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