White Rabbit: Mango and Citrus Body Butter

White Rabbit Mango and Citrus Body Butter

White Rabbit Mango and Citrus Body Butter

I am very fortunate that the team at Give Me the Pretty reached out to me about six weeks ago.  A new niche online beauty website with some great organic and natural brands, many of which I had not tried before including White Rabbit.  A handmade, natural skincare range that is lovingly created by Melanie.  Give me the pretty knew of my dry (body) skin woes and asked to to try the Mango and Citrus Body Butter.  I love a rich body product so I was excited to try it.

White Rabbit Mango and Citrus Body Butter

As luck would have it, my care package arrived on day one of my #beautyspendingban and I took the opportunity to start my new regime with a new product.  The packaging is unisex and function – a blue plastic tub with a metal lid and the details of the product including the expiry date.  I was very happy to see that there was no water in the product so I was expecting a heavy texture.  This body butter is whipped so when you take a dollop out with your fingers, you can hear the air bubbles being burst.  It means that the texture is very very light and readily melt on the skin.  From the inci list I knew that i was going to like this product, I just did not know how much.  Shea , cocoa and mango butters are blended with coconut and apricot kernal oils with a good helping of lime, lemon, sweet orange and grapefruit essential oils.  It is like this blend has been written to my own personal prescription!

White Rabbit Mango and Citrus Body Butter

I have been spending my days in one hundred  denier opaque tights  and my skin is still moisturised at the end of the day.  For someone with skin as dry as mine this is no mean feat.  If you are looking for a rich body product that is not hard work to massage into the skin or if you are looking to support a growing British skincare brand, head to Give me the Pretty and check out the White Rabbit range.


White Rabbit Mango and Citrus Body Butter can be purchased from Give Me The Pretty and retails for £8.00


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