Bathtime: Mila Scuro

Mila Scuro Bath Oil

I had the pleasure of viewing the whole Mila range last year at the  launch of the latest collection Isla.  The aunt and niece team behind the range are focussed on creating modern and luxurious home fragrances.  This British brand has a heritage in fragrance with a great-grandfather who traded in essential oils nearly a century earlier.

Mila Scuro Bath Oil

There are currently three collections available but I was drawn from first sniff to the Scuro collection.  The packaging is beautiful.  The Scuro collection boxes have a blue based watercolour motif that hints at something amazing inside.  Lift the top off the box and you are not disappointed by the purple glass with a large round circumference and a stopper in the top.

Mila Scuro Bath Oil

Remove the stopper and inhale deeply as the subtle yet beautiful fragrance soothes your senses.  The Scuro fragrance is a blend of clove bud, frangapani, vetiver and moss.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I am a huge fan of citrus and white floral blends.  This is neither of those.  In fact I find the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Melt pretty heady but as this is relaxing.  This fragrance is subtle but envelopes the skin and your bathroom with fragrance.  I think the fragrance is unisex but my beloved is not getting his giant man hands on this product as he would probably use half the bottle for one bath.

Mila Scuro Bath Oil

Sweet almond oil base is mixed with a couple of mineral oil based (compounds surfactants which means that the oil turns into a milk when water is added.  It means that you don’t get an oily film left in the bathtub when the water goes down the plug hole.  I love this product in the bath on a Saturday or Sunday night when I need to clear my head, or before date night.  Sometimes I use it a bit more actively – after using an exfoliating shower scrub as the first layer of fragrance.  I use the oil directly onto wet skin – massage it on the skin and rinse it off.  It leave my skin hydrated and beautifully soft

Mila Scuro Bath Oil

At the moment there are three beautiful collections which consist of a bath oil, reed difusser and a candle. I am excited to see how the Mila range develops.


Mila is available from their website – bath oils retail for £35.00



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