Bee Good: Honey and Wild Water Mint 3 – in – 1 Cleansing Water

Bee Good Cleansing Water

A cleansing water or micellar water is a useful addition to cleansing routine.  I will never renounce my love of cleansing oils and balms but as a self certified #cleanseaholic there is definitely space in my routine for a cleansing water.  The French are definitely providing the gold standard in micellar water but British Brands are learning by their example.  Bee Good is  British brand that utilises ingredients derived from bees (honey, beeswax and propolis) in their skincare.  Bee’s truly are the passion of the husband and wife team behind the brand.  Simon is a master beekeeper and Caroline utilises any excess honey and beeswax in Bee Good skincare.

Bee Good Cleansing Water

The cleansing water is a three in one make up remover, cleanser and toner, however that is not how I use this product.  I wear a full face of make up five to six days a week.  This cleansing water is not strong enough to remove my full face which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Micellars are soapy (surfactant) waters.  The concentration of the surfactant is low enough that is does not irritate the skin and therefore rinsing is not required which is fine for the make up removing and cleansing parts of my cleansing routine but I prefer my toner not to have surfactants in them.

Bee Good Cleansing Water

I like to use this cleansing water between cleansing stages eg between the cleansing oil/balm and face wash.  When I am doing my mask routine, I use it between my three masks that I use.  On no make up days I wipe it over the skin before using my facial wash.  The propolis in the formula has antiseptic properties, the red algae (palmaria palmata) inhibits melanin production giving a brightening effect on the skin, the honey is soothing and nourishing and the wild water mint is refreshing on the skin.

This is a great option for teens to get them into the face cleansing habit and for those who remove their make up with wipes this the perfect alternative.  The one hundred millilitre size is perfect for travelling and  For me this will never replace a cleansing oil / balm but it has been a useful addition to my cleansing routine.

Bee Good skincare is available from their website and selected Waitrose stores.  It retails for £10


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