Sleek: Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

Sleek Highlighting Palette

Sleek Highlighting Palette

Highlighting.  It has become so commonplace in my make up routine where five years ago I don’t think I was highlighting at all.  I have several highlighters in my possession.  Some better then others but there is always room for more and Sleek are a great brand to ‘try’ a product with as the pigmentation is great and the price is not exorbitant so if you love it – it is a bonus and if you are not too keen, you have not made a significant dent in your pocket.

Sleek Highlighting Palette (1)

The Precious Metals Highlighting Palette contains four shades.  The packaging for this palette is a beautiful departure from the standard black palette. The fact that you leave your finger prints all over the shiny pewter packaging is worth it.  It is really pretty.


Sleek Highlighting Palette

Three are cream formulas

  • Platinum (shimmery white with a hint of pink)
  • Royal Gold (glittery pale gold)
  • Renaissance Gold (shimmery yellow gold)

and one powder shade

  • Antique Bronze

There are instructions on the back that suggest which product should be used where, however as the platinum shade is too white for my skin tone to be a complimentary highlight and the royal gold is too glittery for my age, I did not follow the instructions.

Sleek Highlighting Palette

Royal gold as a highlight in the usual places (under the brow bone, inner corner of the eye and top of the cheekbones) is pretty but did not last on the skin without a dab of a powder highlighter.  For me this defeated the object of a cream highlighter.

WoC Sleek Highlighting Palette Swatch

Antique Bronze is a pretty golden shade that worked well on my skin tone but I have several colours that are similar to this shade and as pretty as it is, it simply was not enough to make this palette useful in my collection.  If you have a lighter complexion you will probably find this palette works really well for you, but if you are very pale, you may find that Antique Bronze is too dark to use as a complexion product. I think that concept of this palette was really good, but overall, I was a bit disappointed with the execution.


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