100 Day Spending Ban – It’s Over

Beauty Spending Ban

Last year, I decided to challenge myself to a beauty spending ban.  For one hundred days I would refrain from buying anything beauty related.  I am a beauty addict so this was no small task, but I decided it was time to shop my stash and exert some will power.

Beauty Spending Ban

I made this declaration public so I would be held accountable and told family and friends.  The reaction of many was  surprise with a tinge of disbelief but I knew this was mind over matter and that I could do it.  Monday 1st December was day one.  It was also the day that the Tom Ford Lips and Boys collection was released.  I did wobble but managed to ask Santa to help me out.  My next wobble was duty free – I spent Christmas overseas and the call of ‘tax free’ and new combinations of products did call my name… but I was strong.

After that I didnt  have any wobbles.  I got into my stride.  I spent time with friends encouraging them to buy or just browsing myslef. I became more adept at asking for samples and came to understand that some (but not all) of my beauty shopping is emotional.

  • I’ve had a great day -I treat myself to a lippie,
  • I’m going out – I treat myself to a nail varnish,
  • I’ve had a rubbish day – I treat myself to a foundation
  • I’m bored – I treat myself to some skincare

Being on the spending ban helped to understand that I like spending time in the beauty hall / beauty store BUT that I dont NEED to purchase when I am there.   Current wisdom says that it takes twenty one days to break a habit – I think it took me thirty five days.  Pretty good considering the strength of my habit.

shopping spree

So what now?  Am I planning a huge haul now that my self imposed ban has been lifted?  No.  This may surprise you but having reviewed my wish list several times, there are only three items that have been jumping out at me

The well done me


One of my best browsing days was spent in the Fortnum and Mason beauty hall on a quiet Tuesday evening discovering new fragrances.  Guerlain is one of the oldest fragrance houses and Allegoria Aqua Pamplelune is a glorious citrus scent with grapefruit as the lead ingredient.  Perfect for me, perfect for summer and the perfect way to treat myself.


The necessity

Elemis eye make up remover

As large as my beauty stash is, I currently don’t have a specific eye make up remover in my stash.  I used up my last one during the spending ban.  I wear long lasting mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadows nearly every day so this is an item that I need to stock up on.  The Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Make up Remover has been on my wish list for quite a while so now is the perfect time to get it.

The frivolous purchase


Revlon Colour Burst Matte Lip Balm in Shameless.  This was my most swatched product during my spending ban. It has been available in the UK for about a year, but my local Boots did not have this in stock for ages and of course when it did… I couldnt buy it.  I have read LOTS of reviews on this product and seen it on a variety of skintones and they have all been positive … except for the mention of the peppermint smell.  When I place my nose close to the bullet I do get the peppermint smell… but the colour is SO gorgeous, I am hoping that I am not going to feel like I have a hive of bees stinging my lips when I wear it.  Lets see.


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