Egyptian Magic: A mineral oil free alternative to Vaseline

Egyptian Magic

I was brought up using Vaseline.  It was a one stop shop in terms of skincare for my formative  years.  Anything that was chapped dry or sore had Vaseline slapped on it.  As my issues with dry skin progressed I was prescribed Emulsifying Ointment, another paraffin based product.  Whilst I understand why it was prescribed (the occlusive layer that it forms on the skin prevents any moisture that is in the skin from evaporating) My skin thirty odd years later is still dry.)

Egyptian Magic

Say hello to Egyptian Magic (which is made in America), a mineral oil free product that has a smell and texture that reminds me of the mineral oil products of my youth.  The texture is thick and waxy which loosens when it is rubbed between the hands.  It contains only six ingredients,

  • honey (humectant),
  • beeswax (emollient, occulsive, humectant and anti bacterial),
  • olive oil (moisturising and antioxidant),
  • royal jelly (anti bacterial, anti inflammatory),
  • bee pollen (proteins vitamins, minerals and a variety of micro nutrients) and
  • bee propolis (anti bacterial and anti fungal).

The product is not fragranced so the smell is very subtle, not sweet like honey and to me it does not have a strong beeswax smell either.  It is moisturising rather then nourishing on the skin and it passes the eight hour opaque tight test with ease.

Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic describe the cream as all purpose and it really it.  I mainly use it as a body cream, but I have used it as a lip balm, eyebrow gel, cuticle cream, sore nose (from a cold).  This is not prettiest or sexiest product in my bathroom but it has become a beauty staple.

Egyptian Magic is available from Liberty and retails for £29.00



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