Sixty Seconds with… Emma Hardie Hydra Body Oil

Emma Hardie Hydra Body Oil

Hydra Body oil from Emma Hardie is dry oil which immediately made me think that it would not work on my skin. Generally dry oils are not moisturising enough for me.  Hydra Body oil can be used both to massage the skin and in the bath so I thought it would be worth a try.

Emma Hardie Hydra Body Oil

This oil is a sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil blend but it also contains isopropyl myrstirate which is commonly used in bath oils.  Some people feel that it changes the texture of the blend so it ‘feels less greasy’.  Personally, I like a greasy oil so I was not expecting this oil to pass the ‘eight hour opaque tights test’.  It didn’t so I moved the product from the bedroom to the bathroom so that I could use it there.

As a shower product, I slotted it in after using a body scrub.  The lovely fragrance (citrus and floral blend) leave the bathroom beautifully scented and left me wishing that it contained salt and sugar so that I could exfoliate with the product.  As a bath product, it does not bloom (turn the bath water white) but the fragrance again was very uplifting

I like this product, but I dont love it.  The fragrance is what makes it a yay rather than a nay for me.

Hydra Body Oil is available as part of several collections on the Emma Hardie website and prices start from £26.00


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