Food Alert: Whey Hey

WheyHey Protein Ice cream

I go to the cinema alot.  ALOT and whilst my preferred cinema snack is sweet and salt popcorn, I can occasionally be  found with a tub of  in my hands  Whey hey is a protein rich ice cream dessert that has recently been found in Odeon cinemas.


WheyHey Protein Ice cream

Whey is a by product of cheese making and it is high in protein.  Whey protein isolate, is low in fat and contains no added sugar as it contains xylitol.  All flavours are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and diabetics.   If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am a sugar addict so I was interested to try Wheyhey.

WheyHey Protein Ice cream

Wheyhey is available in Strawberry, Banoffee, Chocolate and Vanilla flavours.  They were packed in dry ice and delivered to my office so the tasting panel were my colleagues!

WheyHey Protein Ice cream

The Verdict

Banoffee  was popular with the people that really liked bannoffee desserts (therefore not me.)  It really split the group.  Surprisingly the chocolate did not go down that well – we all felt that something was missing.  The strawberry was popular but it was a little too sweet for my taste (which is strange as I am a sugar addict).  The most popular flavour was the vanilla

WheyHey (16)

In terms of Wheyhey being a substitute for ice cream, it was generally felt that this is not a like for like product.  It tastes quite different (not bad – just different from ice cream and and the texture was raised as a potential issue . When my colleagues were advised that this product was a ‘health’ product and therefore good for them, the view changed.  As a health product it was viewed more positively. For my Italian colleague – nothing comes close to gelato (understandably) but the rest of the team we could see a time when we would pick up Wheyhey instead of standard ice cream.  We all had someone in our life who is  diabetic or gluten intolerant and we agreed that this would be great for them.

WheyHey Protein Ice cream

Wheyhey contains both guar gum and carageenan which stabilise the ice cream and they make it thick too.  As the ice cream melts however, it goes gloopy which is different from standard ice cream.  For me, this difference in texture was a problem, so I decided to play with Wheyhey a bit more.  The  vanilla was my favourite flavour so I created a few different dessert options with it..  It made pretty good milkshakes and mixed with berries and yoghurt, the texture became less of an issue but it didn’t work so well with warm apple crumble.  Overall, I liked Wheyhey but I didn’t love it  for me, it would not replace standard ice cream in my freezer.



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