Brand Alert: C.A.K.E Cosmetics

Cake Cosmetics

Cake Cosmetics

Have you heard about C.A.K.E Cosmetics? No?  Go check them out!  They are a brand which cater for women of colour BUT they also have a great range of colour cosmetics at REALLY  reasonable prices.   I recently picked up four items from the range…

Cream Foundation –  N15 (£13.00)

Cake Cosmetics Cream Foundation N15

This product is not in my shade – but  that is on purpose.  This is the deepest shade from the range currently and I wanted to see how deep they went.  C.A.K.E go deep.  For many foundation brands I am the deepest shade.  Not for CAKE.   This shade is deeper the N120 from the Cover FX contour palette and  is a gorgeous neutral tone.  It is a brilliant contour shade for me… when applied correctly which for me, means a light hand.  The colour blends out beautifully so I can blend out my double chin with ease.  There is mineral oil in this product so be aware of that if you are looking to avoid this ingredient but it is paraben free.

Eyeshadow – Savannah (£6.00)

Cake Cosmetics Savannah Eyeshadow

Savannah is one of those shades that you think you wont ever use, but you find yourself picking up every day.  From brows to liner this bitter chocolate matte brown shade is a great all rounder.  Smooth texture, long wearing  and extremely blendable.

Lipstick – Heavy Petal (£8.99)

Cake Cosmetics Heavy Petal Lipstick

Heavy Petal is a bright vibrant pink with a moisturising finish.  It is pigmented and free from a vanilla and or confectionery smell.  Long lasting and easy to wear.

Blusher – Tropicana (£8.00)

Cake Cosmetics Tropicana Blush

Oh my gosh.  Imagine that Exhibit A and Tajh Mahal from NARS had a baby, that ran away from it’s NARS home and when to live at CAKE cosmetics.  That is the best way that I can describe Tropicana.  It is the perfect balance of orange and red, pigmented which a satin finish. You can be subtle with it for a healthy glow or you can pile it on for a statement look, and because of the satin finish, a highlighter is a bonus not a necessity.  My favourite product by far of those I picked up.

Cake Cosmetics

Since I purchased these products some plum tones (hurrah) have been introduced to the range. This is a young brand so the range is growing at a steady pace and I looking forward to watching the brand grow and develop. Currently only available their website this British Beauty Brand are definitely worth checking out.


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