Isabelle Doyen, Camille Goutal and Nicola de Burlet

Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette

I love fragrance.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that I regularly review candles and perfume and try as best I can to convey the smell through words and pictures.  Reviewing fragrance for me is the most difficult thing to talk about on the blog as there are so many factors that influence how you receive the fragrance through your olfactory system. Body chemistry, environment, hormones, mood, emotion, memory all have an impact on the fragrance.  It is such a personal experience that I am always torn about sharing my thoughts.  But I love fragrance – it is one of my favourite parts of cosmetics so I continue to review them.

Bulgari Jasmine Noir

A few days ago, I attended #ScentSchool.  Perfume resource  The Perfume Society,  fragrance distributor Kenneth Green Associates and Krista Madden PR guru from Handpicked Media and blogger at @beautyandthedirt came together to help bloggers and writers learn more about how to talk about fragrance.

Jo Fairley Perfume Society

Jo Fairley  from the Perfume Society walked us through exercises on how to improve our noses and the best way to shop for fragrance.

 Isabelle Doyen, Camille Goutal and Nicola de Burlet

There was an amazing talk from noses behind Annick Goutal – Isabelle Doyen and daughter of brand founder Camille Goutal

Lanvin Arpege

We received some hints and tips about working with fragrance brands from Nicola de Burlet from Kenneth Green Associates, and I had a chance to get up close to some fragrances that I was not familiar with.

Annick Goutal Fragrances

So what does this mean for Patent Purple Life?  In short – there is going to be more fragrance on the blog.  Hurrah!  I am going to focus on developing this area of my writing and I am really looking forward to it. I have a growing stash of fragrance samples that I will be working through AND I have a couple of exciting projects lined up for the next couple of months.  Watch this space!

Terryfic Oud



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