Morphe Brushes: 35D Palette

Morphe Brushes 35D Palette

Morphe Brushes Box

Morphe Brushes are all over the internet, search on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest Twitter – everywhere.  Their brushes and their makeup are currently some of the most reviewed in cybersapce.  As a beauty junkie – resistance is futile.  These palettes are budget prices (I paid £22.99 from Beauty Chamber).  The packaging is basic.  Thin black plastic with no mirror.   The shadows aren’t named or numbered and some of the shadows are loose in the palette.  The reason that they are getting so much love from everyone is to do with the quality of the shadows.

Morphe Brushes 35D Palette

I had to find out for myself what all the fuss was about so I picked up the 35D palette where the D stands for Dark.  .  There is a 35P palette which is plums and purples and this was my first choice, but it was out of stock.  in hindsight this was a good first palette from Morphe Brushes as it have given me a perspective  that I wouldn’t have gained from the plum palette as all the shades are a variation of purple.

Morphe Brushes 35D Palette

The smoky palette has a selection of blue, green purple, olive and grey shades and well as some very brown girl friendly matte brown shades.  The good thing about this palette is that there are a range of textures.  Mattes, shimmers, satins and a couple of glitters.  The mattes are very pigmented and blend well which is impressive as mattes at the budget end of the scale are not always the smoothest shadows.  The  iridescent shimmer shades are the best quality.  The glitters have a good texture – although the glitter particles are visible they are smooth to apply to the eyes.

Morphe Brushes 35D Palette Row 1
Row 1

I am pretty impressed with the selection of colours in the smoky palette.  I like the fact that the shades are medium and deep in tone.  Normally if a palette has this many shades in it there would be a row of colours that were too pale for my rich complexion but actually I can literally wear every single shade

Morphe Brushes 35D Palette Row 2
Row 2

The bad thing about this palette from my perspective is that several of the shadows are very very similar so there is a cool and warm undertone of the same shade, or a satin and shimmer version of the same shade and these shades are generally next to each other.  The inclusion of some different shades of the same family of colours would have been welcomed, but it is not a deal breaker because the value of the palette is outstanding.

Morphe Brushes 35D Palette Row 3
Row 3

As each shadow works out at  approximately sixty pence this is extremely good value.  Personally, I would not travel with this palette – it is delicate and even in transit from the supplier some of the shadows came loose. For make up junkies, and MUAs these are a great option.  If you are a fan of a luxury / premium make up this palette is not for you.  The packaging, the experience and even the smell of the shadows will not float your boat.  If you leave a change of clothes and a toothbrush at your parent’s / partner’s place and are looking for a palette that can take you from day to night – this or any of the Morphe Brushes palettes are a great option.

Morphe Brushes 35D Palette Row 4
Row 4

Not the easiest range to find in the UK, but if you can, it is worth getting your hands on.

Morphe Brushes 35D Palette Row 5
Row 5



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