Brand Alert: Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation (Mahogany)

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation started life as a post cosmetic intervention foundation.  Post peel, filler, botox or face lift, Oxygenetix is a liquid foundation that you can apply to the skin shortly after your procedure.  The reason that Oxygenetix can be used is because of the technology in the formula that allows the skin to ‘breathe’.  Skin which has just undergone an invasive procedure needs to heal and the appliation of a standard foundation can prevent that.  Where previously loose  mineral foundation was the only post procedure option Oxygenetix provides an alternative.  I cant comment as to the post procedure efficacy of this foundation as as I have not had any  work done on my face, but I do have plenty to say about this product.
Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

The texture of Oxygenetix is thicker than my other liquid foundations, you need to work it into the skin  but it leaves a thin but very opaque layer of colour on the skin.  It has a high level of titanium dioxide which is great as it provides SPF25 but… as a woman of colour, it can be an issue as it can leave you looking a bit ashy. It is water resistant, so if you get caught in the rain, or cry your face wont melt. My favourite feature of this foundation however is that it does not transfer as much as other foundations that I own.  I have ruined many of the Mr’s shirts and t-shirts but putting a big face print on them (he is taller than me and I’m a hugger).

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

You get fifteen millilitres of product which is half a standard size foundation.  If you have problematic skin and are focussed on full coverage all the time, having a smaller size foundation means that you can carry it with you and top up on the go and for pro MUA’s not carrying bulky glass bottles is a must.  The silver and white packaging gives a clinical feel and gives a nod to the skincare benefits of the product.  Oxygenetix only make this foundation.  They are not a consumer brand in the same way that Estee Lauder or Bobbi Brown is so the packaging serves a different purpose.  Personally I like this packaging, I do wish that there was a clear strip on the bottle so you could see how much of the product you had used though.

So, this foundation applies easily to the skin, photographs well, doesnt’ transfer and doesn’t smell and yet, it is not right for me.  The picture below explains why.

Foundation Swatches

Mahagony is described by Oxygenetix as having a blue undertone.  On my skin however it appears  quite pink in undertone and leaves my skin looking quite dull. By the time I have added highlight, blush, contour, and a touch of bronzer, my face looks fine, but I have to work hard.  It all goes back to colour theory.  Blue is opposite yellow on the colour wheel.  Foundations with a yellow undertone eg MUFE Ultra HD Liquid or an orange undertone eg Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation or Tom Ford Stick foundation have a brightening effect on my skin.  The MUFE stick foundation has a red undertone  but the colour is much more complementary and richer than the Oxygenetix which looks quite dull on my skin (it actually makes a good contour shade!).  Add to that the high level of titanium dioxide and this foundation which in theory is great, on my skin isn’t.

For me with my hyperpigmentation and neutral-ish undertone (I can wear foundations with red or yellow undertone, wear both gold and silver jewellery and both warm and cool toned make up)  I look best in  brightening (yellow / orange) undertones.  All of the deepest shades in the Oxygenetix range have a blue undertone which is a problem for me as  Chakra is the deepest shade with a yellow undertone but is much too light for me.
Not withstanding me not getting my perfect match, this is a good foundation. If the brand were able to provide deeper shades with a yellow / orange undertone it would widen the customer base significantly.    If you are in London try to get to Omniya where they stock this foundation and sample it on your skin, before making a purchase.  Alternatively there are authorised online stockists.  Oxygenetix retails for £45.
PR Sample

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