Louise Young: Essential Eye Palette

Louise Young Essential Eye Palette

I love this palette.  Firstly this is a shining beacon of packing quality amidst a plethora of cardboard palettes.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that cardboard is cheaper the plastic coated metal and lighter and the quality of the shadows inside the palette are just as good. But. There is something about a sturdy palette that has a satisfying vibrant click when it shuts that I can resist.

The other reason I love this palette is that is comes with a decent brush.  Louise Young for me is a name I associate with brushes more than colour cosmetics.  I use at least one of her brushes daily especially the Super Fan  and  Foundation brushes.  They are fabulous.  This palette was the first that she released.  It is a cool toned palette with a gorgeous terracotta shade which is the reason I bought the palette.

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The textures are soft but not too buttery so you can use them in the brows as well as on the lids.  It is one of the most multi functional palettes that I own and perfect for travelling.  The brush that it comes with it perfect for brows as well as liner and placing colour in the outer v and the lash line, it is quite stiff and densely packed. So, from left to right the shades are:-

Ting –  Light stone. This colour is  too light for me. I don’t use it and I don’t mix it with any of the other shades.

Maowi –  Light taupe.  Perfect for when you are a bit heavy handed with your transition colour, you can use to blend it out towards the brow bone.  Alternatively use it on the lid and mix with your main lid shade to create a custom inner corner highlight.

Pom Pom – Medium Taupe / brown.  This is a better lid colour for me than Maowi, blended with black bear it is also a great eyeshade colour.

Black Bear – Matte Black.  Not the blackest black, but as I use this for brows as well as eyes that is a good thing.  Not a hint of a grey tone and you can build it up.

Sislet – Terracotta.  The reason I bought this palette.  It is beautiful all over the lid but it is perfect as a transition colour.

This is a really hard working palette.  The kind of palette that you don’t realise that you need until you have it.  It may not have the bells and whistles of a shimmer or glitter but it has a level of multifunctionality that few other palettes can match.


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