Freedom: Eyebrow Pomade (Ebony)

Freedom Brow Pomade Ebony

For me (culturally) a pomade is a mineral oil based hair and or scalp product so it is strange to talk about, let alone use an eyebrow pomade.  Eyebrow pomades are a relatively recent addition to the brow wardrobe.  It was first brought to my attention by the queen of the Instagram brow – Anastasia Beverly Hills.  Her version – Dip Brow has become the basis for a wide range of high definition, sculpted, drag queen- esque brows.

 Freedom Brow Pomade Ebony

I was a bit nervous about trying a brow pomade as I prefer myself with a more natural looking brow, but Freedom Make Up (according to the bloggersphere) have provided a brilliant dupe to Dip Brow at just five pounds so I feel like if I like it, all good and if I don’t, I know a couple of teenage girls who are very wedded to the Instagram (despite my pleas).  Brow pomade is like gel liner for the brows

 Freedom Brow Pomade Ebony

Ebony is the deepest of the eleven shades.  In the jar it looks deep brown but on the brows/skin it is a cool toned  bitter chocolate shade.  The brow pomade (in my opinion) has the specific purpose of shading the brow area so it is really only for you if you have sparse brows.  This is not a product to create brow like hairs or provide a gloss.   If you have no brows at all, you will need to draw them in.  this is not the product to do that – this is the product to fill in  so you will want to draw the shape first, and then fill in the shape.  If like me, the tails of your brows are sparse to non existent, this product will be really useful. Ebony is the deepest of the eleven shades.  In the jar it looks deep brown but on the brows/skin it is a cool toned  bitter chocolate shade

Use a push liner or angled brush BUT they need to be narrow otherwise you will be creating thick heavy lines.  As you get accustomed to the product, a thicker brush may not be so much of a issue but a light hand is essential.  When you take the product from the jar tap it on the back of your hand before applying  to the brow.  Especially if you are new to brow pomade as it is very pigmented.

Freedom Brow Pomade Ebony

Have a spoolie near by means that you can draw your line of colour in your shape and then brush through it so that it is not so heavy.  The pomade dries quickly so there isn’t a lot of time to play with and once it is dried it stays on the skin so it is not sliding down the face which is a good thing.  It is easily removed with make up remover, you don’t have to rub hard and in the jar you get PLENTY so assuming you have the correct shade, you will have brows for days.


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