Connock London: Soothing Bath and Shower Oil

Connock London Soothing Bath and Shower Oil

I first came across Connock London through Dijas World and My Showcase.  The fragrance from the range is beautiful but at the time I was more focused on colour cosmetics.  When the time came for me to purchase a new shower product, I was thinking about repurchasing the L’Occitane Shower Oil but I thought I would search for an alternative and I came across the Connock London Soothing Bath and Shower Oil.

Connock London Soothing Bath and Shower Oil

A shower oil always appeals to me because of my very dry skin.  The Connock London Soothing Bath and Shower Oil has a thinner texture than the L’Occitane Shower oil.  The packaging shares the slightly pyramidal shape of the rest of the Connock London range.  It is slightly disappointing that they shower oil is not housed in glass or a glass-esque plastic.  The thin plastic looks elegant but is not the most sturdy and yest it is more practical for the bathroom.  I still wish the oil was glass though.

The fragrance is feminine floriental that can be found in the fragrance and the other body products that are in the range. If you enjoy white flower fragrances, specifically gardenia, and jasmine the Connock London range will be right up your street.  After using the shower oil, the bathroom is immediately filled with a fragrance.  The scent takes you to warm nights and late sunsets without being heady or overpowering. You can either apply this to dry skin and rinse off in the shower or the bath or as I do apply to wet skin having carried out the more boring part of your ablution with a non fragranced product.

It leaves the skin beautifully fragranced and more importantly for me moisturised.  The kukui oil macademia tamanu oil blend is full of fatty acids and antioxidants. They are important in skincare as they help to nourish and moisture the skin.  I cannot forgo a body moisturiser but that is true for any shower product but I can and do use a lighter textured product.

This is a lovely lovely product a real pleasure to use.  A great way to layer fragrance either within the range or with your favourite floral scent.


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