My Orange Obsession Part 8 featuring Diptyque Eau des Sens

Diptyque Eau des Sens

Eau des Sens

Eau des Sens is taking the place of L’eau Neroli in the Diptyque line (although you can still get hold of L’eau Neroli in boutique stores.  Released earlier this month I ummed and ahhed about this fragrance.  I picked it up making use of my Space NK Indulge points, I loved the fragrance but it took me a while to figure it out but I that I bought this fragrance because it reminds me of other fragrances that have bought and worn and loved.

Eau des Sens

This is my first Diptyque fragrance.  The packaging is very pretty and the oval bottle makes a change from the square bottles in my collection.  As much as I like the aesthetic, the fragrance is not what I expected.  It is described at an eau de toilette but the longevity of this fragrance is not the best, on my skin it behaves more like an eau de cologne.

Eau des Sens

After the initial green and orange blossom note, it quickly dries down into powdery and musky.  Eau des Sens is like bathing in orange flower water,using pettigrain soap, and then using a musk body oil.   You initially get the sharp green of the petitgrain and the floral slightly honeyed orange blossom  and then the fragrance looses the green, keeps the honey and the musk develops.   After a week of sniffing my wrist every thirty minutes and racking my olfactory memory it hit me in a flash why I liked it.  Narcisco Rodriguez for her and Garden Party Wisteria – both fragrances that I have worn and loved but neither of them are in my current collection.  Clearly my nose likes what it likes.  For Her and Wisteria share an orange blossom, and musk palette with Eau des Sens.  Whilst For her is sexier and has less green than Eau des Sens and Wisteria is more elegant more feminine and both have far greater silage and longevity the familiarity of Eau des Sens makes me smile when I smell it.

Eau des Sens

If you like the orange blossom musk palette, you will enjoy this fragrance and like me you may forgive the short life.  If you are new to orange blossom there are other fragrances that have longer life time which share this palette.


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