Patent Purple Life Turns Four

The thing about blogging is that sometimes you don’t realise the impact that you have … and then your friends send you this.

PatentPurpleLife Turns 4

Exhibit A was taken in 2010 two years before I started my blog.

PatentPurpleLife Turns 4

Exhibit B was taken six weeks ago.  My friends are six years older in Exhibit B, but like fine wine my friends have improved marvellously with age (both are over 35 and both are fricken amazing women).

They are not wearing a full face of slap either picture.  They have not covered themselves in unicorn glitter, there is no contouring or highlighting going on and neither of them is a purple fan.  What I love about these pictures (apart from the fact that they feature my beautiful friends) is that they show the reality of finding a skincare regime and make up products that work for your skin type, skin tone and lifestyle which for these beauties include…

Cleansing Oil – because PROPER cleansing really is EVERYTHING (even when she isn’t wearing makeup.

Antonia Burrell Cleansing Oil with box

Hydrating Toner  –  because she  likes to cleanse her face but not put moisturiser on till she is just about to leave the house!

Liz Earle Toner

Golden / Bronze  Eyeshadow  – because the right shade does not make her look like a 70’s disco ball, it just complements her skin skin tone and eyes beautifully.

MUFE Artist Palette 1

Red lips – because she used to wear it, but life got in the way so she stopped… but she loves how she looks in it and so do I.

Loreal Glam Matte Zip It Up Red

Perfume – because beautiful fragrance does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

Crabtree and Evelyn Parisian Millefleurs

The aim of my blog was never to have a million followers or to tell the world what how fabulous I am.  It is not my intention to turn everyone that passes through my corner of cyberspace into a purple fanatic like me.  Patent Purple Life has only ever been about sharing my passion with you.  Sometimes the efficacy of the product will resonate with you.  Sometimes my experience using the product will help you to find a product that works for you.  Often you won’t agree with me but in an ever changing and monetised bloggersphere Patent Purple Life will always be an open space for honest beauty chat.

My small corner of cyberpace is four years old today.  I really can’t believe it.  I say it every year but I truly am grateful to every single person who takes the time to read it.

Happy Birthday!


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