Bouclème comes to Space NK

Bouclème Curls Redefined

It is always great to see a brand flourish before your eyes. In less than two years since their launch curly hair care brand Bouclème have gained the attention of consumers and retailers alike.  This month they launch in beauty haven Space NK.

Bouclème Curls Redefined

If you are not familiar with the range, let me get you up to speed. Bouclème  was created by Michele Scott-Lynch who has a beautiful head a curls.  She also has two gorgeous daughters with curly hair so she is experienced this the specific needs of curls.  Formulated for all curl type from from loose, through corkscrew to tight curls the brand’s ethos is green and effective.

Bouclème is a paraben silicone and sulphate free range. If you are a green beauty or are looking for an alternative to heavy, thick products you are in for a treat.  The range has a citrus fragrance which I love and is beautifully packaged in ice cream colours.  I love the fact that the range has no food references.  So many curly brands call their product pudding, or custard.  It is great to have range that calls it’s products what they are. Bouclème  has a three step program Cleanse, Condition and Define.


Bouclème Curls Redefined

There are two cleansers in the range.  The Cleansing Cream (£19)is a zero foam product.  It feels weird at first but works well at cleansing the hair and the scalp.

Bouclème Curls Redefined

My preferred cleanser is the Hydrating Hair Cleanser (£15).  This has a low foam formula and for me with locs, build up is always an issue.  The Hydrating Cleanser has a lighter texture, rinses out very easily my hair hydrated.


Bouclème Curls Redefined

The Curl Conditioner (£17) is a thicker texture, and a stronger scent.  It can either be used as a leave in or rinsed out after a few minutes.  I found that it worked well mixed with an equal amount of the curl cream to form a lighter conditioner.


Bouclème Curls Redefined Curl Defining Gel

There is a Curl Cream (£19) and a Curl Defining Gel (£15) to define curls.  I assumed that the light Curl Defining Gel would be best for me.  Interestingly it was the Curl Cream which is more nourishing that worked best on my hair and it did not leave any buildup.

Bouclème Curls Redefined Curl Cream

I really wish the range all came with a pumps.  The click lids are sturdy but if like me your hair is waist length, you need to use alot of product and pump would be easier. This range is about hydration over nourishment so I found that I still needed to include some other products in my regime. Definitely a range to check out next time you are in Space NK – and huge congratulations to Michele

Boucleme is available from Space NK prices start from £15

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