Top Picks from Essence Cosmetics: Eyeliner Pen & Multi Action Volume Mascara

Top Picks from Essence Eyeliner Pen and Multi Action Mascara

Top Picks from Essence Eyeliner Pen and Multi Action Mascara

I have done several reviews on Essence cosmetics.  There are some good products, some great products and some products that are not suitable for women of colour. If you to ask me for my top picks from this very affordable range it would be these two products

Top Picks from Essence Eyeliner Pen and Multi Action Mascara

Essence Eyeliner Pen Extra Long Lasting (£2.00)

Essence Eyeliner Pen

I love liquid eyeliner.  If you have been following me on Instagram you can see my attempts to perfect my winged eyeliner.  The Long lasting winged liner is great when it is new.  Comes to a fine point.  Very black colour and easy to manoeuvre over the eye.  This product is not great over cream eyeshadow  or very glittery eyeshadow.  It does loose it’s shape quite quickly but at the price it is easy enough to replace it.  As it gets older this liner is not so good.  You have to press a little harder to get the jet black colour The fine point that gave you the sharpest line at the very beginning looses it’s preciseness.  That is not the issue in itself, the issue is that it takes only a month to get to this state.  I have been using a Ciate Liquid line for about six months and it is as precise as when I first used it.  If you are prepared to buy a new eyeliner every month, this might be a good otion, but if you want more longevity from your product this one is a definite pass.

Multi Action Volume Mascara (£2.50)

Essence Multi Action Mascara

A couple of years ago, I posted a review of the Benefit They’re Real mascara.  I did not like it. I didn’t like the formula or the brush.  The Essence Multi Action Volume Mascara is what They’re Real should have been.   I do not have the longest lashes but this product gives me great length and curl and not too much volume without being clumpy. It is a REALLY good mascara, not for the price just for being a mascara.  It leaves your lashes flexible, not super stiff and it looks good 6 – 7 hours later.  The packaging is basic and it does dry out a little quicker than higher end mascaras, but. It is a real find.  I was so surprised but LOVE it.

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