My Orange Obsession Feat Neroli from Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher Neroli

The fragrance which started my orange fragrance obsession was the sadly discontinued L’Occitane Neroli.  I have been searching for a fragrance equally wonderful ever since.  I bought Neroli from Yves Rocher blind and I expected to to underwhelmed, but it is EPIC.  Not as good as Neroli from L’Occitane but the first time I smelt it I fell in love.

Established in 1959, Yves Rocher is a natural cosmetics brand.  It is not the trendiest or most high profile brand in the UK but they are very well known in France. If you are looking for a brand which does not test on animals and focuses on the power of botanicals  take a look at their range.

Yves Rocher Neroli

I am not impressed with the  packaging.  The white box is sustainably sourced and provides all the information that you need. However, it does not give me a luxurious or aspirational feeling that I enjoy in fragrance bottles.  The glass bottle has a plastic lid which again I don’t find interesting.

For me, Neroli from Yves Rocher is all about the ingredients. Orange, neroli, orange blossom, petitgrain and musk.  That’s it!  This fragrance encapsulates the fruit, bark and twigs, and flowers of the orange plant.  All the orange goodness is anchored by a creamy musk base.

Yves Rocher Neroli

After the inital burst of orange peel, you hit the floral neroli with a generous side of green petitgrain.  The petitgrain stays with you until you hit the clean yet creamy musk.  Yves Rocher have managed to create a simple scent that is filled with complexity.  Neroli from Yves Rocher is giving me many of the same feelings that Neroli from L’Occitane gave me.  Longevity is about seven hours on the skin.  Not as much as I would like so I liberally doused my favourite purple scarf in it.  Eventually, I am going to have to start rationing myself on this one.  At the moment I am still in the midst of wearing it all day every day and I can’t get enough.


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