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The Hero Project Hyasoft and Glow Drops

Many beauty brands are started because the founders have expertise in the area.  Or because the founders wanted a product that they couldn’t find in the market place.  The Hero Project started because the founders wanted to turn disappointing  products into good products.  Rather than starting with an ingredient or a concept they start with a disappointment.  Disruption is the name of the game.  The team behind the Hero Project read reviews, look at the common disappointing areas and then improve on them.

The Hero Project Hyasoft and Glow DropsThe idea is actually genius.  If everyone is complaining about eg the pump or the packaging, you take the product deconstruct it and make the packaging better and then launch it into a market that is always ready for something new.  The range is small – currently five products and I’ve been using two of them.

Hyasoft Moisture Boost (£19.00)

The Hero Project Hyasoft

The hyaluronic acid gel from the range.  It comes in a tube and reminds me of  Hydraluron from Indeed Labs and Hydrating B5 Gel from Skinceuticals.   Even the name is a bit similar in terms of the effect of the effect on the skin.

The Hero Project Hyasoft The gel formula is light and once applied to the skin it is not tacky.  The main different is that Hyasoft has Panthenol in it. Panthenol or  Vitamin B5 is a humectant which is best known for hair care.  On the skin when applied topically it helps the skin retain moisture.  It also helps to sooth irritated and inflamed skin.  This means you can slap it on twice a day as well as applying after any treatments that sting or tingle like acid toners or exfoliating masks.  A staple in the bathroom.

Glow Drops £21.00

The Hero Project Glow DropsHmmmm I have mixed feelings about the Glow Drops which surprised me as I love a facial oil.  Glow Drops have a dry oil texture.  I think that this is my first issue with the product.

The Hero Project Glow Drops

I like an oil to feel like an oil.  I don’t mind a slightly heavier / gresier texture, in fact I prefer it.  The Vitamin C in this oil has been modified so that it is oil soluble and it is said to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin. Blended with the vitamin C are other naturally derived skin loving oils including sweet orange, rose otto, carrot seed and hemp seed oils which contribute to the brightening effect on the skin.

The Hero Project Glow Drops

I feel like I should love this product but I don’t.  On my skin I feel like it is just … meh.  It didn’t do anything bad to my skin, but it did not have a big effect on my skin either.

The Hero Project Glow Drops

I appreciate the easy to use pipette and the fact that I can get to the very last drop of this oil. I also really like the fact that you get 30ml of project, but I just wanted it to do more on the skin.

Find out more about The Hero Project on their website

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