Tan Luxe Body (Medium Deep)

Tan Luxe Body

Are you surprised that I am reviewing Tan Luxe Body? A tanning product?  Don’t be. I am not one of the fortunate people that is the same tone all over my body.  My face is considerably darker than my body. My hands are dark, my torso is light and my legs are somewhere in the middle. Basically I don’t get my bits out in the sun.

I would LOVE to be the same tone all over because, well, it would make my life easier when choosing foundation.  Currently I use a yellow undertone product to provide some consistency with my neck even though my neck is about 6 shades lighter than my face.

Tan Luxe Body

If I am ever fortunate enough to receive a tanning product I generally pass it to a (Caucasian) friend. She is always really grateful as tanning products generally are not cheap. Having met the team from Tan Luxe on a couple of occasions and been impressed with the concept of their  product I thought I would give it ago.  I have tried tanning product before and the result was non-existent.  To be honest I expected the same result so imagine my surprise when it actually worked.

Tan Luxe Body

Tan Luxe allows you to customise the tan on your face or your body by added drops of the tanning element to your usual moisturiser.  It is  the same principle as the custom cover drops from Cover FX and you know how much I love that product!

I was gifted the shade medium deep and the instructions state to exfoliate 24 hours before application.  They you apply 2 – 6 drops of the product to your moisturiser, mix and apply.  There is a lot of me and I really wanted to see a result so I added 9 drops.  The tanning serum is not super emollient so it is not going to turn your water based body lotion into a rich body cream.

The first time I used it was with the Body Works West Body Cream.  Tan Luxe advise that you will see a result in four hours. I applied at approximately 8am and by midday on my my forearms I was starting to see a difference a quick trip to the loo in the office and there was a differenc.  Not so much in depth of colour but definitely in undertone one arm was more red than the other.  A subtle but noticeable difference.  Sadly I had done the whole right side of my body so my chest, torso and my legs.  My legs and torso did not take at all.  I was not surprised about my legs as that is where the crocodile skin resides (despite regular exfoliation) those dead skin cells just keep building up but my torso is and chest is the place where I naturally pick up colour from the sun when I do expose those areas so I decided to reapply a couple of days later.  My legs took a little bit – not as much as my arms and my chest even less.

Tan Luxe Body

There is lots of mis-information about skin out there.  Whilst I am not looking to tan I like testing products and I have skin like any other human being so in theory a tanning product should work on my skin.  So, if you are looking for a tanning product, I can recommend Tan Luxe Body for a subtle change in colour

Would I purchase Tan Luxe Body?  Unlikely – as the result was differnt on different parts of my body.  That said, if you have an lighter skintone I think the result would be better.

Tan Luxe Body is available from Space NK and other authorised stockists. It retails for £42.00

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