Lip Cocktails Featuring Yazi Cosmetics

Yazi Cosmetics

Whenever I go to IMATS there is always a brand that I am not familiar with that I make a purchase from.  This year it was Yazi Cosmetics.  I went IMATS on the Sunday this year.  Many of the colours had sold out but lucky the three that are right up my street were still in stock.

Yazi Cosmetics

Toronto based and insta-famous Yazi Cosmetics is all about the lips.  The range is very affordable, each colour was just five pounds. For the quality of the product and the size of the brand is incredible.  I picked up a blue, (Blueprint) a mid toned purple (Purple Rain) and a glittery berry shade (Dream Chaser).

Yazi Cosmetics

The doe foot applicator makes application a breeze.  You can define your lips and well as filling them in.  The longevity of these colours is pretty good but you will need to reapply after eating.  These liquid lipsticks do not dry matte but you will get fully opaque application in just one swipe.  These are high shine/sheen forumulas, which I was not expecting but actually is really good with these blue based shades.  Some colours look amazing in matte form and other not so much.   In my opinion, blue with a bit of a sheen is more wearable than a matte blue which can wash you out.

Yazi Cosmetics

I picked up Blueprint so that I could cocktail with it.  I often mix a pink or purple with a blue product to get my perfect purple shade.  Check out my Illamasqua Blues video so see more on this.

Wild Berry is a beautiful, I am so smitten with it that I tend to wear this one just as it is… but it is also beautiful cocktailed.

Purple Rain is a mid tone purple that looks quite pink on me but it is really pretty

Yazi Cosmetics

All of the Yazi colours  are minty.  Sigh.  I really don’t like minty lip products BUT, like Shameless from Revlon this minty formula is ‘too much’.  The mintiness dissipates in 30 minutes or so and it is not the stabbing pain of Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie.  It is definitely wearable and the colour makes is so worth it.


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