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Kypris is one of a growing group of wild crafted skincare brands that take their sourcing and packaging as seriously as their product.  Organically sourced ingredients are cultivated.  That is to say, they are grown specifically in a commercial managed environment.  Wild crafted ingredients are not sourced from a commercial environment.  They can be considered to be grown wild or not farmed.  Cosmetics if a field where quality control is heavily monitored and quite rightly so.  The quality of the ingredients has to be of the same standard so that consumers get identical products.  You will see that price of products that incorporate wild crafted ingredients is higher than that of commercially grown products and that is the reason why.  Quality control is expensive but when carried out correctly, wild crafting can yield a very special product.

As well as wild crafted ingredients, Kypris also use organic ingredients with a focus on botanicals and a holistic ethic.  Chase Polan, the brand founder is an advocate for a holistic lifestyle.  Chase also knows that natural and safe are not the same thing.  Science is not a bad word in the world of Kypris.  It is a critical friend that ensure efficacy and safety of the products in the range.  I love good skincare whether it is hi tech or wild crafted.  Efficacy is key and for me this is the real point of difference between Kypris and other ‘green beauty brands’ is that there is a real understanding of the science and a focus on female owned farms.  This is my first of two reviews.  First up are two of the latest launches from the brand.

Kypris Cleanser Concentrate £50

kypris cleanser concentrate

I am a cleanseaholic so I was very excited to try this product.  Housed in slightly frosted glass jar rather than a tube and that is the only thing I dont like about this product.  Dipping my (clean) fingers into to cleanser day after day is not my preference.   You could use it as a makeup remover but why would you? This is a beautiful but delicate cleanser, so I use a cleansing balm or oil to remove my makeup first.

The texture is very light – it feels like a moisturiser on the skin, yet it is quite rich and emollient.  Kypris advise that you can rinse it off but I use a warm flannel. For me, Cleanser Concentrate is definitely a hot cloth cleanser. It is a great product start and finish the day with.  Like all the best cleansers it leaves the skin with a  hydrated bloom.  Cleanser Concentrate is jam packed with skin loving ingredients.  Shea butter, boabab, prickly pear, chamomile and there is also a ceremide  on the INCI list.  Ceremides help to inhibit water loss which is great as I have very dehydrated skin.

Kypris cleanser concentrate

There is some slip but not like with a balm so this is not the product for a large amount of facial massage.  It is not at all stripping, and it leaves the skin in the perfect condition for serums and face oils that you use afterwards.  I’m a big fan.

Pot of Shade: Heliotropic £53

kypris heliotropic

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the product.  This is  a physical sunscreen, packed with titanium dioxide so it leave my rich skin tone a bit white. It is not the worst product that I have used but there is definitely a white cast on the skin.  It goes after 10 – 15 minutes so there is time to make a cup of tea, brush my tea and post a few Instagram posts but I just wish it didn’t.  After 15 minutes however, this is the BEST primer by far that I  have ever used. You will remember that I came to the primer party late.  I do have a pretty good selection of primers now, some are silicone other are hydrating and they are pretty good but heliotrope  tells them all to bow down in Beyonce fashion.

kypris heliotropic

I have tested it with liquid, cream and powder foundation. Every single time, 10, 11, 12 hours after I put on my makeup I end up looking at my face and thinking, how come that eye shadow that I decided to use as a blusher which normally wears off after three to four hours is still there. How come my highlight has not faded, how come my skin looks like it did when I put it on this morning.  Heliotrope is not tacky when you apply it to the skin but somehow it manages to hold onto the makeup and never let it go.  I have even done the half face challenge. I would have posted a picture but it just did not do my face justice.  It does leave me a little oilier than when I don’t use it.  If you are using this produt as sunscreen you need to use plenty of it, but as a primer, a thinner layer works best.

If you are a natural beauty devotee, Kypris is brand that you will be drawn to.  However, don’t dismiss Kypris if you are looking for effective skincare that is a pleasure to use.  Look out for my review of some the serums and elixirs from the range next month.

Kypris is available from Cult Beauty and other authorised stockists.


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