Holiday 2016 MAC Nutcracker Sweet (The Purples)

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Dark Lullaby and Leap of Delight

The Nutcracker Sweet from MAC was one of the largest (in terms of products) launches that we had seen from the brand in a while.  I know I am not the only person who is overwhelmed at how often MAC bring out a new collection.  I just cant keep up.  The Nutcracker Sweet however was a slow burner on me.  Described by the brand as

“…an eccentric kingdom of oversized treats and rosy-cheeked nutcrackers.”

The collection consists of eyeshadows, pigments, kohl pencils, finishing powder, lip kits, brushes, eyeshadow palettes and blush/highlight face compact.  like I said, a large collection and all packaged beautifully in pink and burgundy with gold accents. It is a lovely collection for MAC-aholics and beauty fans alike.  There was something for everyone and whilst, I am not the biggest MAC fan, I found a couple of items that I could not resist.

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Dark Lullaby and Leap of Delight

Dark Lullaby – Magic Dust Eyeshadow (£17.50)

I have been using lots of soft formula eyeshadow formulas recently from Juvias Place to Natasha Denona.  Newer formulas tend to be softer.  The word that you will find in the bloggerspehere is buttery.  By comparison, this formula felt drier.  Not a complaint -just an observation.  A warm purple with a sprinkle of shimmer.  Dark Lullaby is not a glittery eyeshadow.  There is no fallout and the shade worth well without a primer (although it is better with one).  This colour is easy to wear buy itself or teamed up with matte greys and browns.

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Dark Lullaby and Leap of Delight

Leap of Delight – Matte Lipstick (£17.00)

Leap of delight is a beautiful wearable purple. I say  wearable as it is slightly warmer than other purples in my collection but it still has enough blue for it to be purple not berry on my lips.  It is also not the deepest purple so it is not goth or vampy – just wearable.  It is described as matte but it is very far removed from for example Le Metier de Beaute Smoke.  Leap of Delight has a slightly satinised texture – it is not completely matte. It glides onto the lips, even if you have not exfoliated them in advance.  The colour application is even and open and the formula is long wearing.  This is a lovely colour and formula.  It is not the sexiest purple in my collection. It is not the most unusual shade is my collection but it is the most wearable by a long shot.

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Dark Lullaby and Leap of Delight

I love these colours.  The Nutcracker Sweet is a great collection.  A real showcase of what MAC does best.  Beautiful colours and textures that are really wearable and beautiful to look at.  The collection really focuses on the makeup and not the celebrity that collaborated with them.  That has been a big part of it’s success… along with the fact that they had enough stock!!!

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Dark Lullaby and Leap of Delight

Did you get anything from the Nutcracker Sweet collection?  Let me know in the comments below.


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