Pucker Up – Sarah Chapman Skinesis Lip Enhancer

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Lip Enhancer

I won this products in an Instagram Competition which is something that rarely happens.  The Sarah Chapman Lip Enhancer is a posh ‘anti ageing’ lip balm.  Gone is the solid chapstick format of high street products.  It is not a product that you stick your finger into either like the Bobbi Brown or Chanel product.  This is a double ended two step product.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Lip Enhancer

Step One – Power Base.

On the packaging it says lip filler.  Don’t panic, there isn’t any botox but there is a Neodermyl.  This is a compound which has been clinically proven (on a very small scale) to stimulate collagen.  It has been included in the Lip Enhancer to act on hydration and firmess.  Firm lips look ‘younger’ right? The Power Base is white on application but dries to be completely colourless on the lips.  It is very very slightly tacky but not uncomfortably so.

Step Two – Tinted Balm.

The Sarah Chapman website says that this balm is pink, but on my pigmented lips it is clear.  The texture is that of a light balm. It has a slightly cool sensation on the lips which I enjoy. This contains some great oils for the skin including abyssinian oil, baobab oil and cocoa butter.  There are also some ‘filling spheres’ in this phase so again there is a focus on the lips appearing plump and full.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Lip Enhancer

If you are an avid wearer of a liquid lipstick the Power Base will be your new best friend.  It is the perfect lip primer for liquid lipsticks and matte lipstick formulas. The Tinted Balm is a nice but there are other products on the market with a similar texture and action on the lips.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Lip Enhancer

I have not lost volume in my lips but it is dry / cracked lips that are an issue for me.  Lip Enhancer is not the best for dry lips.  If you have dry skin on the lips, exfoliate them and apply a more emollient product. However, if you lips are in pretty good nick, and volume rather than chapped lips are your issue you will enjoy this product.  You can apply it as many times as you need during the day and it does not require a mirror for application but this is a product that takes more time than a standard lip balm product.

At twenty nine pounds, the Lip Enhancer is not the most expensive lip product on the market but it does not really address my lip issues.  Personally I prefer the Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm (Confort Extreme Levres) which is forty seven pounds (yes I know!) but it is better for my chapped lips.

Let me know in the comments below the most expensive lip balm product that you have ever used.


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